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Bishop Black
08-23-2021 at 10:35 AM
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How do I add a thumbnail to a leaderboard?

I used to be able to upload a thumbnail of the game art for new leaderboards I created, but now all new leaderboards just show a grey icon and don't allow you to upload a thumbnail.

Also, I uploaded the wrong album art for one of the leaderboards, but don't see a way to change it - thanks.

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  1. Bishop Black's Avatar

    Here is what it shows me:

  2. Barthax's Avatar

    It used to be one of the perks of a particular credibility rating but I think it was revoked due to minor abuse from some members. The most recent member I know having updated the pictures was @Pixe Sukola but he's not active currently (see his wall post & wish him well there if you haven't already). Pixe Sukola explicitly asked of the TG team - possibly in a wall post - for permission to begin uploading.

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  3. RedDawn's Avatar

    I have just recently run into the same problem. I have uploaded covers for a ton of arcade games, but when I made a track for the PS1 compilation game 'Arcade Party Pak' a few days ago I noticed a different grey colored box, one which wont allow me to upload a cover for.

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  4. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Hey @admin staff

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    This issue is fixed . Please check and confirm

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    Awesome, so it was just a feature which slipped through the cracks. It's back. :D

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