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01-02-2018 at 02:26 PM
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Gameboy Memories

Back in August I was looking at the scoreboard one day and realized there were a bunch of Gameboy games that I could hold the record on with my childhood bests, so I decided to repurchase some of those games and start playing again. As I got about halfway through that list, I decided I was going to make a run for the top Gameboy ESI spot. Currently, I’m sitting at 4th, but have about 30-35 ESI points pending in the queue which puts me 15-20 points out of 2nd and about 45 points out of the top spot (currently held by Tom Duncan). I’m aiming to have enough footage submitted to take over the top spot by the end of February (though how long it takes to get approved is anyone’s guess).

My childhood favorites got me about 100 ESI (and I still have a couple more to work on), so the last 50 or so has been venturing into new territory either with games I played in passing as a kid because a friend had one or games I’ve never played. I’ve really been enjoying the process – mastering some old favorites and picking up some new games. Plus I’ve always enjoyed the Gameboy as a system (probably those endless hours of waiting at swim meets in the early 90’s permanently melded us together at some point).

I’ve been thinking for the last month or so that I’d like to start making some periodic blog posts about the games, and figured the start of the New Year was as good of time as any. I’ll try to make one of these weekly. It’ll be a mixed bag depending on the game – a little bit of review, a little bit of strategy, a little bit of reminiscence (when applicable), a little bit of interesting facts/quirks I come across in the gameplay, and a little bit of whatever else seems relevant at the writing. Most will be games that have tracks set up already, though some review will focus on games I just enjoy. Hopefully that’ll all combine into something interesting for folks to read, and maybe get some more submissions/competition on some titles. But at very least it will help me hone some of my own appreciation for the games and system that is Nintendo Gameboy.

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  1. Fly's Avatar
    Speaking of ESI, I always see people post about going for the top rank on a particular system. How do you even see that? I've looked a little and cant seem to find it. I can see rank per game and the top ESI combined for all games, but not for just ONE system. Either it does not show on my browser or I'm just blind. My guess is that I'm blind.

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    Word on the street is that track n field makes you blind...

    from the menu, click games then when there is the list on the left there is a little icon to the right of the system (four lines and some
    dots- I guess a page icon?) When you click on that it pulls a screen with esi for that system.
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    I love GameBoy. Congrats. Awesome achievement. I will go adjudicate some of those submissions.
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