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01-08-2018 at 08:09 AM
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Helping New Users

This past weekend I was thinking a bit about the new user situation. We want new users to come to the site and feel welcome, but the initial process for getting submission points, navigating credibility, and submitting their own scores with solid evidence packages can be daunting. Then add to it that people are often expecting the above process to be quick (a couple of days at most). When they find out how long things can take it can be disheartening, and they lose interest and leave.

The idea I was thinking about this weekend is, why not have a tutorial process for new users to go through if they chose? This process would allow one to gain some additional submission points, get a better grasp on what goes into adjudicating and submitting, and maybe allow one no ease into site participation in a way which keeps them here for the longer term.

What I’m imagining would not be a required process, and doesn’t need to interfere with a new user’s free submission. This grew out of reading the post and comments from @Pixe Sukola . Here is someone who is interested in TG, wants to get involved, but is finding the process less than intuitive. The new member is discovering that first they have to find a bunch of information, then read through essays of info, then begin the process, and then wait for weeks or maybe months before their scores can be accepted. If this were a work environment we would consider the “new hire training” to be far too long.

What I took from the thread I read was:

The process is confusing and not intuitive for new users
It takes too long to build up submission points (whether this is perceived or actual doesn’t really matter)
WTF is credibility?
New users often don’t submit great evidence packages

So why not make a tutorial that could be worked through in 2-3 hours (all at once or in modules) and would award the new user a set number of points of submission points for completion of each module. As an example, I’m imagining a module that takes one through the adjudicating process. They have to watch 4 or 5 sample submissions. Some are accepts and some are declines and each one has a little section afterwards talking about why they are what they are. Maybe there’s a little quiz near the end as well. After the person has completed the process they get 10 submission points. There are clearly details that need to be worked out, but it seems like something that could help get people more involved earlier on and un-shroud some of the mystery of the site, the processes, and why things sometimes seem to take a long time.

What do other folks think?

I’m sure admin is stretched with all the tasks they are currently working on, but it seems like something that could really help build and keep the new user base as well as the quality of new submissions. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents into the ether.
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  1. Max's Avatar
    Good post.

    Any approach to make things easier on new people should be encouraged. TG is a very confusing place, even for existing members. My largest concern would be how long the modules would end up being, however this could always be built upon and improved.

    Individual modules seems better than one big module as people could select areas they wanted information about. This also could end up being just a "help" area or "common questions" area essentially shown like thread stickies covering common topics/questions.

    "WTF is credibility" made me laugh.
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  2. Blackflag82's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Good post.
    Individual modules seems better than one big module as people could select areas they wanted information about. This also could end up being just a "help" area or "common questions" area essentially shown like thread stickies covering common topics/questions.
    I'm leaning more towards individual modules being the better route as well.

    As far as it being a sticky-like area versus a module, one of the complaints I've heard repeatedly is that it is too confusing and difficult and takes too long to get some initial submission points. I think making some sort of path towards more easily obtained submission points that also doesn't knock one's credibility under 1000 from the get go is going to be essential if TG wants to keep new members beyond an initial submission. IMO, It seems like a little hand holding through the initial processes (beyond just, "here, read all this and good luck") could make things easier for new users and shorten the learning curve on submissions. This could be one solution, though I'm sure there are many.
  3. Max's Avatar
    More initial submission points works too, at least in part. New users could make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and still get to their objective of properly submitting something fairly rapidly if there was enough buffer to allow for inevitable error.
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  4. Snowflake's Avatar
    I'd rather see better training then more sub points. sub points is the bandaid, the poorly defined system is the problem. The overhead is well worth it for someone who plans on submiting dozens of records. The overhead is not worth it for someone who just happens to care about one game -- and mind you, some people are phenomenal at one game, can smash the world record by leagues, but just dont care about other games, so those one game users scores are still pretty important to get.
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  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    Blackflag82 I am super interested in this. I come almost every two hours to check if I have any submission points. I have adjudicated aprox 50 scores in the last 3 days and so far I have only a notification for a score that was cancelled.

    I think the basic info is very important, but in my case I didn't have a lot of trouble understanding the process since Im a moderator for a couple of games in other score keeping sites. My main beef is with the restriction to submit more than 1 score if you are starting. Thats whats killing me. I feel like I got a new game and it is forcing me to master the tutorial before it let me start the first level and actually have fun.
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