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12-05-2018 at 06:48 AM
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Rampage tips, strategies, and play

Hey everyone,

I was talking with @RedDawn the other day about Rampage and some strategies and told him I'd post a video on YouTube. I was able to get one made last night, and put it up this morning. The focus on the screen isn't great, but it's good enough to see everything and tell what's going on.

Feel free to check it out, and let me know if you have any questions or if there is something you'd like to see more of.

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  1. GibGirl's Avatar

    This is a GREAT video for Rampage strategy, thank you for sharing! I know I'm going to use it to go set a record for Rampage on Midway Arcade Treasure on GCN now. I may have to go back to MAO on 360 also. It really does share a lot of information I had no idea about before.

    I noticed you seemed pretty "reckless", for want of a better word, on the first level. Is it because the health is going to decrease on its own anyway, so there's really no benefit to being careful? I believe that's what you said happens... which also explains nicely why I found back a long time ago when I was playing this for MARP that I could last quite a while on low health but never could maintain a larger amount.

  2. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Thanks for watching it! I'm glad you found it helpful.

    re: the you mean with eating the dynamite and stuff during the first level? Normally I wouldn't do that, but was mainly doing it in the video so I could illustrate some of the tactics a bit better (how to keep the dynamite from blowing up a building, the finite army men, and stuff like that).

    If I decide to play a heavy point pressing game, then I'll often speed through the first level while maximizing points (so a little might be knocked off the health meter), but then will slow the game down and eat dynamite during day 2 to maximize the helicopter points before my health meter drains all the way down (since there are 2 helicopters in day 2 rather than 1). A heavy point pressing game will take about 40-45 minutes to get to the first day of Manhattan, but I'll normally have about 800k. Where as a regular play through will get me to Manhattan in about 16-19 minutes and I'll be in the 500k-550k range.

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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Thanks a lot! I will definitely be watching it when I submit to the PSP version.

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  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    Dude. This is EXACTLY what ive been looking for, for some weeks now. Months even. My man. Thanks you so much. Wish i'd contacted you from the get-go. To my knowledge this is the only high level Rampage gameplay recorded outside of mame files

    I made a trip to STL today and saw you posted this right before I left, been waiting all day to get back and see it.
    The bit about limited national guardsmen is completely new to me and im only 2.5 minutes in.

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  5. RedDawn's Avatar

    First off thank you once again, the video was very insightful. I've been able to stop the buildings from falling
    when dynamited like you showed, though it took me awhile and Im not real consistent on it. Before you started talking about 'which character is best for you' I had just assumed the only difference in them was the character sprites. Could you elaborate more on those differences?
    I have done some experimenting myself and these are the differences I've spotted:
    Lizzie- Faster. She seems to be faster in general, walking on land and punching.

    George: Seems to be faster than the others in climbing
    buildings, but not in general movement or walking on the ground like Lizzy is.

    Ralph: slower than Lizzy in walking/punching, slower than
    George in climbing, but stronger than either of the others. It never takes Ralph two hits to punch a hole in a building, while the others sometimes do.
    Is their any other differences than the ones ive mentioned? Do you know if their is a difference in strength between Lizzy and George?

    Is their a part 2? It cut off rather abruptly. I cant help but wonder what I may have missed. It appeared you had a pretty high level of control over your character. It seems to me that level of control, and maintaining that fine balance of constantly acquiring food and eating people is the key to those higher scores. Still though, making that last long enough for some of these scores ive seen posted, it would have to be perfect, id like to see you play once you've shaken some more of the rust off.

    That bit about knowing when the choppers are coming from the silhouettes in the background, thats amazing dude, i would have never noticed that. I imagine when Brain and Jeff were making this they assumed it would be something people naturally noticed. I believe so many of those kinds of details are not known by most because, like you alluded to in our private conversations, it was a real quarter muncher back in the day, and with the console ports and unlimited continues there is no reason to have to notice those things since one can just go clumsily smashing through the game, pressing the start button whenever they die and coming back. Most people dont even realize that ones life drains without even getting hit.

    I imagine you know this, but I figured Id go ahead, just in case;
    It is possible to destroy the train in a one player game by going to the edge of the screen, hitting the train sending it off in the opposite direction, and then quickly turning around and punching downwards. Since the edges of the screen have somewhat of a wraparound feature your fist will hit the train on the opposite side of the screen, sending it back your way again for you to hit once more. Sometimes it takes a few times of doing this before the train is destroyed. If my description is too confusing and your not sure what I'm talking about let me know and i can make a video demonstration.

  6. Blackflag82's Avatar

    There was about 1 minute more of play after the video cut out. My camera splits videos at around 35 minutes, and since it was such a short bit of play and nothing really significant, I just opted not to upload it.

    I think you've hot most of the differences between the characters. I'm going off of memory here, but Lizzie is also significantly faster moving in the water and I think she doesn't take damage from being in the water, where as Ralph and George do.

    George is also able to jump higher than the other two as well.

    If I remembering quickly, both Lizzie and George can punch a hole in one punch if you hold the punch button a little longer almost like follow through(it's been 4 or 5 years since I've played with either of them though, so I could be mis-remembering).

    And that's an awesome tip on the train. I did not know that. I've crushed cabs in that way before, but it never occurred to me to use that strategy to take out the train. Thanks for mentioning that!

  7. RedDawn's Avatar

    Ahhh, I see. I'll have to experiment with that next. I was wondering why sometimes they punched a clean hole and sometimes not. Tap the button and it cracks, Press the button and it punches a clean hole. Its so interesting to me that it has all these mechanics that few people know, but its not like their hidden, and how people have played this game for years and never noticed these things. Its deeper than it appears on the surface

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  8. RedDawn's Avatar

    There does seem to be something happening with the follow-through punch when using George or Lizzy, but I dont
    believe its as simple as pressing the punch button instead of tapping it. The directional device, be it a joystick or
    a dpad or whatver, also needs to be pressed in the direction you are punching. Even then, I cant get it to work every time,
    it seems some particular spots on some particular buildings I can rarely if ever create a hole using only one punch with George
    or Lizzy.

    I put together a little points menu, so thought id share it here everyone:

    Rampage Points

    Punching a Crack in the Building 25
    Punching a Hole in a Building 225
    Knocking Down a Building 2,725
    Holding your assigned Civilian 15-5000

    Eating People-
    Demolition Man 0
    National Guardsmen 50
    Paratrooper 50
    Eating a Civilian 500
    Man in the Bathtub 750
    Photographer 750

    Destroying Vehicles-
    Parked Car 100
    Boat/Fisherman 150
    Slow Moving Car 200
    Fast Moving Car 750
    Helicopter 750
    Tank 750
    Police Car 750
    Train (hit) 500
    Train (destroy) 1000

    Food (in addition to health, the following points will be rewarded)
    Toast 0
    Turkey 175
    FruitBowl 175
    Goldfish Bowl 175
    Hamburger 175
    Watermelon 175
    Coffee 175
    Milk 175

    Other Items-
    Television 350
    Lightbulb 500
    Flower Pot 500
    Manhole Cover (can be hit multiple times) 500
    Money/Gold(different each time) 50, 100, 500, 1000
    Electric Sign 1000

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