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12-06-2018 at 09:57 AM
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Amazing Penguin Rules

@Stephen Daultrey @Ben Way

I'm wondering if we could get some clarification on the rules for Amazing Penguin.

I'm planning on doing a run within the next couple of weeks, but there are no life limits on this game. You get an extra life every 10k and it's possible (though not guaranteed) to get an extra life on any board by using the heart squares. At least one of the later boards has enough available points on it that coupled with the potential 1-up on the board (which resets every time you die) you could get to that board with 20+ men and almost finish the board each time and then die and continue this ad nausea until you max the game (or it rolls, I'm not sure which it does). In any case, this seems like pretty cut and dry leeching.

From what I can see the cleanest solution would be to make this a 5 life limit, though Andrew's run above uses 8 lives. Can the rules be made 5 lives and Andrew's score remain? Beating the score with 5 lives is doable.

Secondly, 8 lives could be made the limit, or some other arbitrary number like 10, though this moves away from the standard 5 life limit and makes things less consistent on the board.

I'm also open to some other amendment that can keep one from leeching the game if anyone has any ideas


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