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05-03-2019 at 10:09 AM
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Gameboy Monthly Challenge


So the first game chosen at random for the monthly Gameboy challenge was Taz-Mania. I'd never played this one before, so was kind of excited to check it out. It's a pretty basic game where you navigate Taz through some side scrolling stages and some point of view stages and then fight a boss at the end of each level. The game isn't exactly difficult, but it's not the walk in the park some of these cartoon based Gameboy games can be.

The most difficult thing about it in my experience is that there are a handful of places that require you to memorize the next move, because the platform you are jumping to is just outside of the bounds of your vision. So you have to remember that you're in the spot which requires that jump, and then time it properly (mainly not pulling your jump up short or going to far). Again, not terribly difficult, but requires enough playtime to familiarize oneself with those point (and I did not give myself enough practice to remember them well).

I kept thinking while playing the game that this was one I would have really liked as a kid. It provides passwords to the next level once you beat one level so you can practice and has continues. The full run through probably takes about 40-45 minutes (not speed-running). So it makes it pretty easy to practice the different elements of the game and then put them all together in a solid run. My first submitted run wasn't great, and I'll likely try to put something up a little higher in the next couple of days, but overall, found myself looking forward to the coming month's game more than refining my Taz-Mania skills.

There are currently two submissions for the game:

@speedy47591 who was the first to submit and his can be viewed here:

and mine which can be viewed here:

I think we can also expect a submission from @thegamer1185 at some point. Also if anyone else see this and wants to get in on the action, now's the time. The above two scores are pretty low, so there is currently some easy ESI/a WR for the taking!

May's game is Snoopy's Magic Show. This one currently has one score of 449,000 from Tom Duncan. It's one of those Gameboy games that has no life limit and makes getting extra lives really easy. So while the rules don't state it, I'll be playing the game with a 5 life limit because I think that's how these types of games should be played, but anyone wanting to compete should play however they feel is best. The total game has 120 levels, so it can be beaten.

June's game will be Mercenary Force (so procure and practice as necessary :)

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    Is this continuing to July? Maybe I missed the game announcement.

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    You didn't miss the announcement, I just dropped the ball. Sorry about that :(

    I'm behind on getting Snoopy and Mercenary Force force, so rather than try and add a July game and do one more this month, I'm going to get caught up on these two and will set the next new game for August. I'll put a wall post up with August's game at the beginning of next week.

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