1. TG members need help on votes on my submissions, especially TG members I adjudicated. Thank U

    11-27-2021 at 04:43 PM
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    Twin Galaxies members need help on votes on my submissions, especially TG members I adjudicated thank you Vote On Performances (twingalaxies.com) @LAH16 @EightBitSteve @Barthax @PMX"> @kernzyp "> @Foot"> @Luigi"> @Bish"> @Intellivision"> @star"> @thega"> @roger">@Rogerpoco

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  2. Missing video not uploaded to Twin Galaxies Xenophobe - NTSC - Points - 999990 - Don Atreides

    11-27-2021 at 12:45 PM
    Missing video not uploaded to Twin Galaxies Nintendo Entertainment System - Xenophobe - NTSC - Points - 999990 - Don Atreides (twingalaxies.com)
  3. Missing Video on Ninglendo NES Xenophobe max out TG wr accepted

    11-27-2021 at 12:24 PM
    3rd Party video missing, not uploaded to Twin Galaxies Nintendo Entertainment System - Xenophobe - NTSC - Points - 999990 - Ninglendo (twingalaxies.com)

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  4. Is PowerPak ACCEPTED by Twin Galaxies? YES or NO

    11-25-2021 at 08:15 AM
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    Play your NES games with just one cart! LINK: PowerPak - retroUSB

    The NES flash cart is finally here and it couldn't be easier. Just copy your games onto one compact flash card, insert into the PowerPak, and play!
    When you start your NES you get a file browser to choose your game. Then ...
  5. Here is were Twin Galaxies members talk about TriForce Johnson Contra 3 The Alien Wars max 9,999,999

    11-22-2021 at 11:08 AM
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    I am pretty sure what Matt Nielsen showed how TriForce Johson achieved his max out 9,999,999 TG WR score. 1. Is it POINT PRESSING OR LEECHING??? iS IT SIMILAR TO SAUCER HUNTING LIKE ASTEROIDS?I played the game years ago that is how the max OUT SCORE is done, yes I JJT am sure of it, as long you play ...

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  6. Put 2-5 player video gm tracks to a vote by TG members.1 player or all dies, for final score.

    11-19-2021 at 07:32 AM
    Since Twin Galaxies owner Jace Hall and Admin Staff does not want to get involved or care to resolve with a simple rule for 2 to 5 player video game tracks. here is a good suggestion here below: This is clearly about Twin Galaxies members voting yes or no simple, to resolve the multi 2 to 5 player ...

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  7. Does any Twin Galaxies members or staff or Jace Hall know what happened to Dave Hawksett ?

    11-18-2021 at 06:10 PM
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    Does any Twin Galaxies members or staff or Jace Hall know what happened to Dave Hawksett ?Is he in good health.
  8. Jace Hall can you make a official rule on 2 player submissions for TG members when adjudicating

    11-18-2021 at 07:14 AM
    Twin Galaxies @Jace Hall make a Official Rule on 2 Player submissions one of two options: Then nothing has to be discussed ANYMORE, because it is in the Twin Galaxies rules on all 2 Player tracks PROBLEM SOLVED.Option 1. When 1 of the players loses his or hers last man.Option 2. When both players lose ...

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  9. Information on RetroArch. Question is RetroArch MAME or does it work with MAME games?

    11-17-2021 at 03:24 PM
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    RetroArch - Wikipedia Developer(s)LibretroInitial releaseMay 26, 2010; 11 years agoStable release1.9.12 / October 24, 2021; 23 days agoRepositorygithub.com/libretro/RetroArchWritten inC, C++Operating systemUnix-like, Linux, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, macOS, Windows 95 and later, Xbox Series X and Series ...
  10. Needing help from Twin Galaxies members to vote on my 24 video game submissions.

    11-17-2021 at 02:06 PM
    Especially from Twin Galaxies members I helped adjudicate their video game submissions past 3 weeks. @Almighty Dreadlock @Barthax @starcrytas @kernzyp @fredb999 @Bishop Black @Intellivision Master @thegamer1185 @FuriousWolf666 @RMacauley @rotunda @Pcooke @LAH16 @Luigi Ruffolo @kstillin I would appreciated ...

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  11. TG Jace Hall & Admin Staff need Rules for Ghost 'n Goblins since it has Grandfathered none exist.

    11-17-2021 at 09:31 AM
    @Jace Hall @admin staff 'Grandfathered' arcade tracks locked out... why? - Wall - Twin GalaxiesWe apologize for the inconvenience, but this variation is no longer available for submissions. The scores within now fall under the Grandfather clause where they all will remain but no more scores will ...

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  12. Why is new TG member Lemund Henry 9 video game submission are in the que. issues with them or what??

    11-13-2021 at 10:52 AM
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    Is there a reason why new Twin Galaxies member Lemund Henry ->TG handle LAH16 video game submissions are still in the que, Is there something wrong with them.
  13. Batman 2013 racing game 10 Batmobiles

    11-07-2021 at 05:46 AM
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    Mr Freeze Hard Batmobiles: Bane Hard Batmobiles: Joker Hard Batmobiles: Batmobiles are:1. Batman Classic TV Series: Designed by George Barris2. Batman Classic TV Series (Chrome Version)3. Batman 1989 Movie: Designed by Julian Caldow (the game incorrectly attributes its design to Anton Furst)4. Batman: ...

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  14. Christopher Sturgis-Maris Memes Fallout 3-Minimalist Completion I will help U create the new track

    11-07-2021 at 03:05 AM
    1. Christopher Sturgis I will help you fund and create the new track for Fallout 3 Minimalist Completion [Fastest Time] for the Xbox 360 You have mastered the game Fallout 3. 10 submission points to create the track 25 to fund it.2. Christopher Sturgis just outline the rules and be specific to what ...

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  15. Twin Galaxies staff can u send me my password, to my email I forgot my password.

    11-03-2021 at 07:54 PM
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    @Jace Hall @admin staff @SincerelyFranny Twin Galaxies can u send me my password, to my email I forgot my password, So I can upload 30 video game recording to Twin Galaxies to be submitted and adjudicated.Thank youI have new cell phone ? and number and in order for me to download my game recording ...
  16. Here some helpful tips for all Twin Galaxies members when you are video recording.

    11-03-2021 at 03:18 PM
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    You own the system or arcade U TG member can show it, takes only a few seconds.1. Always show game console system, game disk/ cartridge or on a arcade game, show control panel, buttons, joystick, PCB CPU Dip Switch Game Settings-> make sure you get a clear closeup of the dips.
    either at the beginning ...

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