1. Congradulations Edward Pilcher a new world record & welcome to Twin Galaxies

    11-29-2020 at 06:43 PM
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    Voting yes https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/223449-NES-FAMICOM-DISK-Panic-Restaurant-NTSC-Points-261-100-Edward-PilcherNES / FAMICOM / DISK - Panic Restaurant - NTSC - Points - 261,100 - Edward PilcheCongradulations Edward Pilcher a new world record & welcome to Twin GalaxiesTwin Galaxies ...

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  2. Jack Gale & Chris Ayra are far better all-around players & classic arcade games than Billy Mitchell

    11-26-2020 at 05:36 AM
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    Jack Gale was the better arcade game player and on many more classic arcade games than Billy Mitchell in south florida in the 80's.Chris Ayra is far better Pac Man or Mrs Pac Man & all-around classic arcade game player than Billy Mitchell as well as being the first to get a Perfect Pac Man game ...

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  3. Insert Coin Documentry

    11-25-2020 at 07:52 PM
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  4. Tron Maze-A-Tron Intellivision Review

    11-25-2020 at 12:44 PM
  5. Happy Thanksgiving gamers

    11-23-2020 at 08:07 AM
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  6. How exactly does the Additional Video Evidence work in layman terms,step by step?

    11-22-2020 at 01:54 PM
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    How exactly does the Additional Video Evidence work in layman terms,step by step? This will help new and veteran Twin Galaxies members who do not know how to do it right.

    Thank you
  7. How do upload your video from the accepted TG archives to a new game submission?

    11-22-2020 at 01:08 PM
    @Jace Hall @admin staff @Barthax @JasonV91 @Almighty Dreadlock @SincerelyFranny or any Twin Galaxies member or staff1. Why does video from the Accepted archives can uploaded to my wall with no problem but will not upload to my new video game submission?
    2. How do upload a your video from the accepted archives ...

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  8. I learned how to get a copy of your submission video from the Accepted Archives

    11-22-2020 at 12:36 PM

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  9. Happy 90th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

    11-19-2020 at 07:58 AM
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  10. The DUMBEST Lawsuit In Video Game History

    11-19-2020 at 07:55 AM
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  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families and friends

    11-12-2020 at 09:03 AM
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  12. Tribute to Sean Connery "My name is Bond... James Bond"

    11-09-2020 at 08:31 AM
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    video's have adult content and language,PG-13 frameborder="0" height="390" href="&amp ;amp;amp;amp;lt;span class="fr-video fr-fvc fr-dvi fr-draggable" contenteditable="false"&a mp;amp;gt;&amp ;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;iframe ...

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  13. Sega Rally 2-Secret Cone MINIGAME (4k 60 fps) John Brissie created a great track.2 videos explain

    11-09-2020 at 08:03 AM
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    On the Riviera track, hit the 2 cones on the final corner to open up a gap in the barrier where you can play a secret cone hitting mini-game!
    This only works in v1.2.Rally 2 - Secret Cone MINIGAME (4k 60 fps)Toyota Corolla, 17k points and first place finish, manual transmission
    Minigame begins ...

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  14. What are the issues with adjudicating & voting on Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive-6-Pak-EMU submissions

    11-06-2020 at 06:06 AM
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    https://segaretro.org/6-Pak 6-Pak is a compilation of Sega Mega Drive games released in June 1995, during the console's decline. The cartridge contains 6 of Sega's most successful games from the early days of the system: Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Columns ...
  15. Sega Mega-Tech System the history,information & game play

    11-03-2020 at 03:04 PM
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    The Mega-Tech System is an arcade cabinet released by Sega in 1989, and Western counterpart to the Mega 6. It was based on the Sega Mega Drive home console, and was designed similarly to Nintendo's PlayChoice-10: players chose games from a menu of eight titles, with credits buying more play time ...

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  16. Tribute to arcade game Mega Race & master player Mark Brzozowski WR holder for both 7 men and 3 men.

    11-03-2020 at 09:25 AM
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    Mega Race master and expert player Mark Brzozowski owner of the 7 men 3.8 million better than 2nd place Rick Carter & 3 men world records 2.7 million better than 2nd place Rick Carter. That is impressive.Question to you Mark Brzozowski1. Have you or your friends played the arcade racing game Fast ...

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