1. New Atari 2600 Gamepad

    12-11-2019 at 01:29 PM

    These will be hitting the market soon, here: https://castlemaniagames.com/products/ranger-premium-wired-gamepad-for-atari-2600%E2%84%A2-retron-77-hyperkin?mc_cid=e22298c930&mc_eid=8ddff3c2ee
    Some games really benefit from a pad. The 7800 Euro pad is ok, but this appears to have a better ...
  2. 32X Virtua Racing Japanese NTSC

    11-22-2019 at 02:32 PM
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    I came across an article online about 32X Virtua Racing the other day. They were comparing the US and Japanese releases of the game. The gameplay itself is exact. Some minor differences: The Japanese release doesn't have the "Sega Sports" logo when you first boot up the game, the voice ...

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  3. Sega Genesis Toejam & Earl Record

    12-29-2018 at 09:13 PM
    My submission will probably be buried pages back by tomorrow. I figured I'd post it here:
    It's a long one. It's slow paced. It can't be fun to watch. ...
  4. (PS2) Sega Classics Collection - Virtua Racing

    09-05-2018 at 08:44 PM
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    I thought a re-imagining of the original Virtua Racing would be a mess. I played it today for the first time. It's actually really good. The 32X version is still the king of the console versions, but I'm going to put this version in second place (sorry Saturn version). The graphics are sharp ...
  5. TG Drama Getting You Down?

    01-06-2018 at 11:30 PM
    Ask yourself, What would Brissie do?

    He would do nothing. He's 100% drama free.

    Hail @jmb
  6. Letter To Santa

    11-26-2017 at 03:23 PM
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  7. My Ignore List:

    11-06-2017 at 06:17 AM
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  8. Pinball FX3

    10-02-2017 at 04:05 PM
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    I'm getting into these challenge tables, especially the 5 minute ones. It adds a whole different element to the game. Also, it feels like they touched up the physics a bit, as they feel more along the lines of TPA.

    The DOOM table is awesome, btw..

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