1. New Game & Watch Coming!

    09-03-2020 at 08:51 AM
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    https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/3/21418989/nintendo-35th-anniversary-super-mario-brothers-game-and-watch-handheldSuper Mario system on Nov 13th. Limited production, $50. Lots of cool stuff announced for Mario's 35th! @Snowflake
  2. New Contact Policy

    08-21-2020 at 07:20 AM
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    @Jace Hall @SincerelyFranny So a new page has popped up in the rules;https://www.twingalaxies.com/wiki_index.php?title=Policy:TG-Member-Contact-Policy

    Which states that people on TG can be banned and have ALL their submission points taken away if they contact people outside of TG.Would definitely ...
  3. Amico Announces More Actual New Games!

    07-17-2020 at 07:07 AM
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    All-Star Licenses to Include Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel and The American Cornhole League Available Exclusively on Intellivision AmicoAnd they showed off Cloudy Mountain again.
    Versus Atari VCS - A mobile game and 2 streaming services that already exist. How are people still excited ...

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  4. TG Ramblings

    06-26-2020 at 06:35 AM
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    Just some TG ramblings I've been thinking about. I know a LOT of people have a lot of strong opinions about all of this and I'm happy to discuss. I also know that in the scheme of things I shouldn't care one bit about any of this, but I do, so here we are.

    THE RULES OVERALL - It's ...
  5. Cleaning up my office so took a few pics of the systems I have right now

    06-03-2020 at 09:56 AM
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    Doing a bit of cleaning and moving so sorry for the minor mess. It's a million times improved than it has ever been so took these 2 pics.I think the Virtual Boy and 2 more Xbox ONEs (X & S) are all that are not pictured. Just left on the really really want list is a ColecoVision, Jaguar ...

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  6. Donkey Kong - GB

    05-13-2020 at 09:21 AM
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    Anyone who the difference in rules between Marathon and TGTS for this title? The rules are exactly the same as far as I can see.https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/donkey-kong/game-boy-game-boy-color/page/1?ref=fbshare
  7. New Gameplay of Night Stalker on Amico

    01-24-2020 at 01:54 PM
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    Nice to see some actual gameplay start showing up. Unlike the Atari VCS.

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  8. Saw this on Reddit today

    01-16-2020 at 07:45 PM
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  9. State of the Galaxy?

    10-15-2019 at 09:47 AM
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    @Jace Hall We seemed to have missed the last few dates. Is this no longer every 2 weeks? Any idea when this will come back?
  10. Looking for ESI Calculator

    10-14-2019 at 09:59 AM
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    I'm trying to do some if/then scenarios with ESI. I have a excel sheet I made that is generally correct with points but doesn't do ties accurately or time based scores. I thought I remember someone having made one during the last great ESI debate. If anyone has one they are willing to share ...
  11. Would Like Some New Systems Added

    09-06-2019 at 10:25 AM
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    Would like the following 3 systems added as platforms:MicrovisionOuyaGame.com
  12. LEGO Hidden Side Tracks

    08-21-2019 at 08:05 AM
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    Been enjoying this game so I made a few tracks. I'll give it a few days in the marketplace if anyone wants to be a founder.
  13. Start of Game Storage Unit

    05-02-2019 at 05:03 AM
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    I've started work on my own version of a game storage unit. I've got the frame done and put in 1 of the drawers to test. Still need to decide on a face for the drawers. My staining skills leave a little to be desired but I like it overall.Right now I am planning to have 3 drawers of this size. ...
  14. Need Help With Hardware Release Dates

    04-06-2019 at 08:36 AM
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    I am slowly working on getting 1 of each system (handheld and console) released in the US. Part of this has been documenting the release dates of the each piece of hardware.I can't find an exact date for 2 things. The Intellivision and the Emerson Arcadia 2001. All I can find for the Intellivision ...
  15. Fortnite

    09-18-2018 at 12:53 PM
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    On 4/29 @Stephen Daultrey posted Fortnite tracks for PC. Are these ever going to be made for xbox one & ps4? Whatever happened to the pokemon ultra tracks you guys were working on also? That game isn't even tracked yet. @Ben Way
  16. TG High Score Book

    08-31-2018 at 11:40 AM
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    @Dave Hawksett What's the status on the TG Book Jace posted about just over a year ago?
  17. Dispute Curator Idea

    04-06-2018 at 04:49 AM
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    @Jace Hall @Dave Hawksett This is just a thought I had regarding Disputes. It would be to appoint a Dispute Curator (someone unbiased from TG) whose job it would be to gather and catalog evidence to clean up long dispute threads. So when a new Dispute is made, the second reply would automatically be made ...
  18. Iconic Arcade Goals

    04-02-2018 at 12:20 PM
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    I am looking for feedback on creating a list of iconic arcade goals to shoot for. The plan would be to test and practice on MAME and then find a real arcade machine to actually do the achievement on.

    #1 Perfect Pac-Man
    #2 Kill Screen Donkey Kong
    #3 ????

    Any ideas ...
  19. Goals for the week #1

    03-19-2018 at 10:55 AM
    I find if I leave evidence laying around of having goals then I tend to put more effort into accomplishing them.

    1) Hill Climb Racing - I've been working lately to get first in any tracks I've fallen out of first in, almost exclusively thanks to @Barthax . I've finished 4 this last week ...
  20. 421 Project - G02 - California Games - Surfing

    03-06-2018 at 10:35 AM
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    Decided to skip BMX and go right to Surfing. Missed the WR by 150 points. Hopefully still today sometime!

    Name:  vlcsnap-2018-03-06-13h33m08s026.png
Views: 624
Size:  829.4 KB

    And record broken! Final for now is 12,520, a 100 point margin of victory. This also makes it my first solo WR for the 2600.


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  21. 421 Project - G02 - California Games - Half-Pipe

    02-25-2018 at 02:18 PM
    Part two for California Games went pretty quick. I tied the Half-Pipe record of 97,200. Was hoping I could squeeze a few more points out of a Kick Turn at the end but three ties of 97,200 and I'm sticking with the tie. Hopefully I can get a actual WR out of BMX.

    Half-Pipe Adjudication: ...

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  22. 421 Project - G02 - California Games

    02-23-2018 at 08:38 AM
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    Game 2 is #367 - California Games. There are currently 5 WRs tied to this game with 2 of them being confirmed MO.

    Footbag: 99,990 - MO
    Half Pipe: 29,700 - PMO
    Surfing: 12,420
    BMX: 99,990 - MO
    BMX Finishing Race: 52,400

    I've decided to ...
  23. 421 Project - G01 - Gangster Alley

    02-10-2018 at 01:47 PM
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    So i recently found a list of the 421 "official" Atari 2600 games and I decided I was going to go through the whole list randomly and try for World Records in each of the games.

    The process is, I use random.org to pick a number. Match that up to my list and then try to acquire a copy on ...
  24. Submission Algorithm Take Into Account Changes In Traffic?

    01-28-2018 at 08:00 AM
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    Last year I did 48 submissions with 100% success that took on average 6 days to clear. The longest a submission ever took me was 18 days.

    This year I am sitting on 17 submissions with not a single going through yet. As of today I have 3 that are at 18 days and 15 are over my average. ...
  25. Re-vote If Cred Has Increased Does Anything?

    01-27-2018 at 05:07 PM
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    I was wondering if submissions taking so long to clear if I should unvote and then re-vote now that my cred has raised between when I first voted and now. Does the system recalculate my cred value mid-vote or not? @TWIN GALAXIES @admin staff
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