1. asteroids deluxe 7800 - team score

    07-04-2019 at 07:26 AM
    so, this 2-player team score was verified. but, only my name is listed. must be a mistake because it says 2-player. can an admin add Andrew Breyer to this score? he was my team player for this score. thanks
  2. Pinball Expo 10/17-21

    10-15-2018 at 05:45 AM
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    pinball expo starts wed. i will have a table. stop by and get my #1 and #2600 cards. doc mack and galloping ghost will be there. they will have 50 arcade games for the event plus 10 arcade games for their tournament which i will be playing in. pinball expo is no longer only pinball ...
  3. thanks to @Fordy for the Asteroids votes

    09-30-2018 at 02:19 PM
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    thanks to @Fordy for the Asteroids votes. because of him Asteroids for Atari 7800 finally got approved! only 2 more scores left! and of course thanks to everyone else
  4. 3 more games

    09-21-2018 at 05:35 AM
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    thanks for voting for Space Duel! it is now official! only 3 more left - Asteroids (atari 7800), Asteroids Deluxe (atari 7800), Tomena Sanner wiiware. let's make history!
  5. Defender and other scores

    09-05-2018 at 05:35 AM
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    Defender is finally official! thank you to all who voted! now only 4 more scores left. let's break some records! lol
  6. T20 2018

    08-13-2018 at 07:14 AM
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    competed in my first arcade tournament, T20. i placed 15th or something. 25 competitors or something. not bad for my first run and not being hardcore arcade player. it was fun. Joel Hedge placed way below me. oh i placed 4th or something in the data east side tournament. Joel has gone ...
  7. Video Game Summit 7/14/18

    07-06-2018 at 01:18 PM
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  8. New Game/Track Request - Arcade Archive Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)

    06-17-2018 at 03:56 PM
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    Twin Galaxies, please add Arcade Archive Donkey Kong for Nintendo Switch.
    Tracks -
    Early Version
    Later Version
    International Version
    Hi Score Mode
    Caravan Mode
    special rules - after game begins, click Options Menu, click Game Reset

  9. Pinball Expo - Oct 17-20

    06-15-2018 at 07:14 AM
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    do any world record holders with trading cards want to come to Pinball Expo?
  10. Mo Game Con

    06-15-2018 at 07:12 AM
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    i am a special guest at Mo Game Con! anyone else going?
  11. Asteroids, Space Duel

    06-08-2018 at 10:14 AM
    happy friday! Asteroids (2600) 15-min game 32 #2 and Space Duel (7800) 2-player WR are uploaded! enjoy!
  12. Game Scoop

    06-02-2018 at 06:16 AM
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    i am "on" IGN's Game Scoop (i start around 7:33). also John Eden is included ;) enjoy!
    &list=PLXnQ8XGOajA4aXWmoUnN0ag3-PFLIANRr&index=11&t=0s" target="_blank">
  • team player

    05-25-2018 at 08:09 AM
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    are you a team player or a loner and a rebel? Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe for Atari 7800, 2-player WRs are uploaded with my friend the 1981 Atari (2600) International Asteroids Champ Andrew Breyer. enjoy and happy friday!
  • Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked is over

    05-20-2018 at 11:56 AM
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    Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked officially ended today. if you are a current member it ends when your membership expires. mine is still current, but could not renew yesterday. retail stores and corporate customer service told me it will be back with a different name and better discount before the holidays. ...
  • dramatization

    05-20-2018 at 11:49 AM
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    love my good friend Billy Mitchell. i found this while watching Starcade. the dramatization part at 0:33 made me laugh. right now pretty ironic.
  • friend codes

    05-18-2018 at 10:23 AM
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    i added my friend codes to my profile if anyone wants to add/exchange me. also here
    3ds = 1032-1833-4907
    switch = 5668-9015-3601
  • Wall Entry at 05-18-2018 11:53 AM

    05-18-2018 at 09:54 AM
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    Happy Friday! Demon Attack and Phoenix 15-min WRs of course for Atari 2600 are uploaded! enjoy!
  • Wall Entry at 05-11-2018 08:53 AM

    05-11-2018 at 06:55 AM
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    happy Friday! Atlantis and Defender 15-min WRs are uploaded for 2600. enjoy
  • Asteroids atari 2600 game 32, dif a 15-min removed

    05-10-2018 at 09:44 AM
    looks like Asteroids game 32, dif A 15-min track for Atari 2600 was removed? will it be back?
  • Wall Entry at 05-04-2018 09:54 AM

    05-04-2018 at 07:55 AM
    Happy Friday! Tron Deadly Discs (2600) and Yars Revenge (2600) 15-min WRs are uploaded! enjoy
  • Wall Entry at 04-27-2018 08:57 AM

    04-27-2018 at 06:59 AM
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    happy friday! uploaded 2 WRs - Funky Fish and Pleiades (inaugural), both for 2600. both short games. enjoy
  • Wall Entry at 04-20-2018 07:49 AM

    04-20-2018 at 05:49 AM
    Megamania WR (tie) is uploaded
  • Wall Entry at 04-19-2018 07:40 AM

    04-19-2018 at 05:41 AM
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    i need some scores approved - Defender (atari 2600), Donkey Kong Jr (wii vc), Tomena Sanner (wiiware). thanks
  • Wall Entry at 04-14-2018 06:15 PM

    04-14-2018 at 04:16 PM
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    Laser Blast (Atari VCS) WR (tie) is uploaded
  • Wall Entry at 04-13-2018 11:30 AM

    04-13-2018 at 09:31 AM
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    Tomena Sanner wiiware WR is uploaded
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