1. Surgery update.

    10-18-2021 at 08:00 PM
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    Had surgery on the 14th. After many moons passed I decided to start my journey towards being a machine :). Replacing my right shoulder with metal and other materials has put me on a path of upgrades that will one day be completed on 6 locations throughout my body. Going to do both shoulders, ...
  2. Biggest Pinball and Arcade Auction

    09-11-2021 at 09:00 AM
    LikesRogerpoco, datagod, paul dean, OOO, evan04 liked this post Pinball Museum in Banning is closing with a big bang.Prices are out of this world with some machines going for 10k - Rocky pinball
  3. Recent Food Fight World Record

    07-08-2021 at 01:21 AM
    Here are some stats of Justin Emory's awesome game play.@admin staff could you please add this to his submission.

    HourLevelLivesScoreLevels per hourScore per hourLives earnedBoards per life14081910822500384108225001084.1228222022506000 414116835001173.58312453734442000423119360001194.1 4416594246119000414116770001173.705207556578280004 15117090001174.03624754169108000400112800001133.13 729087781341000434122330001225.0283316779283000040 7114890001153.559372979104478000413116480001163.61

    Tournament ...

    Updated 07-08-2021 at 01:25 AM by redelf (Added links to the records.)

  4. Another major cheating scandal. Trackmania

    05-23-2021 at 10:41 AM
    A long time player and streamer gets called out.
  5. Causes of lag and fixes in MAME

    05-12-2021 at 03:40 PM
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    I'm at a loss. Some games are just fine and others are just horrible.I loaded up Centipede for the MGL and it's unplayable with a trackball. I tried it in W106 and it was somewhat better but I noticed that if I put it into full screen mode that it messed it up. The frame rate went down ...
  6. Trackmania Blindfolded for all you race fans.

    04-12-2021 at 01:05 AM
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    &t=0sWirtual is his nick and he's a long time speedster and holds a few records. Real enjoyable time spent watching and listening to his journey of how he accomplished this amazing feat.
  7. Team games and when score should be taken.

    04-06-2021 at 06:30 PM
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    There has been a big divide between players on this subject and we need to get a decision and global rule in place soon.There are a lot of submissions in the que that are pending do to this issue and I believe it is leaving a sour taste in many of mouths, causing some to just avoid the mame track as ...
  8. TAS classic arcade gaming

    03-29-2021 at 03:49 PM
    Thankswwdkong, JJT_Defender thanked this post guy has been doing some awesome TAS of some great classic games.Pole Position, Space Invaders, Gaplus, Galaga, Crystal Castles, and many others.
  9. Circus Charlie. Proposing rule change of difficulty settings.

    03-13-2021 at 01:36 AM
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    It has come to my attention that some of the top scores for Circus Charlie were done on other difficulty settings, mainly hardest. The only difference that I have looked into is for the horse stage where you can get the most points. From easy, normal, hard, to hardest the trampolines are spread ...
  10. More Mame requirements wanted.

    08-09-2020 at 11:03 PM
    I would also like these rules applied to Mame submissions. Whether they are or not won't change what I will do. It's a lot of work to do an analysis on a mame submission. A lot of steps are required and knowledge of how to do them, I don't have all the knowledge or expertise for 100% ...
  11. Would like a universal rule applied.

    08-09-2020 at 10:48 PM
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    I would like for a universal rule applied to multiplayer games. The rules on many of these tracks are very generic and up for interpretation to the negative side of competition. A two player or 3 player game is in the name and should be played that way. Meaning as soon as one of the other players ...
  12. Need some track modification from staff

    06-16-2020 at 08:01 PM
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    @Jace HallI recently created a track for our friends in the Czech arcade team. add in the following rules for the two player team version.## Once either player has lost all their lives, the score is taken at the point as soon as ...
  13. 3 or more 24hr+ Arcade marathon club

    05-26-2020 at 08:22 PM
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    Bill Carlton has now joined an elite group of players that have marathoned 3 different arcade games. I've also done 3 and that got me thinking about if there are others.Is there a list of players who have performed 3 or more marathons on arcade games, can you guys name any.

    Updated 05-26-2020 at 08:25 PM by redelf

  14. GalaGala at Pincadia

    06-10-2019 at 12:29 PM
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    The GalaGala was held at Pincadia in Brisbane Australia May 28-30th. Qualifying was held on Saturday and finals was on Sunday. Top 4 players for each hemisphere would do battle head to head in a series of 4 matches. Rank 4 players battled first and then up to the 1st ranked player on each team. ...
  15. Fixing the adjudication que.

    04-18-2019 at 01:11 PM
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    Wondering if a solution to the big submission que is to give more voting power to those that are active or in the top 50 or something. Make their votes 4-8 times worth the voting power, these people do a lot of work and if you haven't figured it out already people are loosing interest in how it ...
  16. More mame inp analysis

    08-11-2018 at 03:02 PM
    This is for the people that have done a lot of work so that the rest of us can have fun and enjoy the efforts of others. Barthax, JasonV91, Terencew, Jpittman, Almighty Dreadlock, and I know there are a couple of others but can't remember who.
    Now that I have tried to do an inp analysis, I ...

    Updated 08-11-2018 at 03:17 PM by redelf

  17. Mame Pole Position

    06-18-2018 at 07:16 PM
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    I am opening up discussion on something that will come up in the future. Earlier and later versions of mame allow the player to go at full speed. Mame 106 doesn't allow the speed to go to max, it actually maxes out at 225 mph or 360 kph. This isn't really the biggest thing though. The game also ...
  18. Atari 2600 Asteroids marathon by William Rosa and teebee_303

    06-03-2018 at 03:34 PM
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    They are both fast approaching the 10 million point mark. Williams at 8.4 and teebee is at 9.9
  19. Request to update all 2600 Space Invaders rule

    05-26-2018 at 03:19 PM
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    @Dave Hawksett

    Please update the rules on these tracks.
    NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B Double shots can be used
    PAL - Game 1, Difficulty B Double shots can be used
    NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty A Double shots can be used
    NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty A - 15-Minute Limit
  20. Arcade Pole Position and how to get better.

    05-17-2018 at 03:43 PM
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    Doing some research into Pole Position and how it scores. Found that the timer in PP is 40 frames per second.

    00 01 02 03
    14 15 16 17
    28 29 20 21 whats going on here, Atari and their bad math
    32 33 34 35
    46 47 48 49
    50 51 52 53
    64 65 66 67
    78 ...
  21. 5.51 Video surfaces

    02-22-2018 at 04:25 PM
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    New 5.51 video from Todd, says he finally found it.
  22. Video upload problems

    01-05-2018 at 12:43 PM
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    There's still many issues with it. In many of the held up submissions this is one of the top reasons. My only suggestion for those that are having this issue and have a lot of submissions is to create some random submission and reload the videos on that submission. Then once they are uploaded copy ...
  23. Wall Entry at 12-26-2017 04:55 PM

    12-26-2017 at 04:56 PM
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    Coin Jam 13k in prize money tourney can be found here.
  24. Wall Entry at 12-26-2017 04:45 PM

    12-26-2017 at 04:47 PM
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    Galaga World Championships

    Here's the website with the details.
  25. Just saying thanks for adjudicating my sumbissions

    04-16-2017 at 12:56 PM
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    I know that I have had several bad submissions lately. I'm sorry for that, carelessness and not knowing what the settings should be are my fault. I don't have net access at home, I can't check them and I just wan't to play the game. It's not till later that I find out that I did the wrong settings ...
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