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  1. Trading Card: Good vs Evil

    02-23-2018 at 11:07 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Billy and Peterson.jpg
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    One of these men cares about video games, competitive scoring, the preservation of history, friends, honor, truth, love of family and country. The other one is Patrick Peterson.

    These two cards came in a mega pack that I bought a few years ago. ...

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  2. Photos of People

    02-21-2018 at 10:43 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    I have taken many photos of people over the years. Hundreds of thousands actually! ( I do finish line photography for marathons). Here are some of my favorite "people pics":
  3. Annoying Credibility Loss

    02-17-2018 at 08:43 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    I voted reject on a submission. I made my opinion clear as well (no evidence uploaded). Now it looks like I dropped 150 points because the rejection went through.

    Name:  2018-02-17 09_55_00-Arcade - Ms. Pac-Man - Points [Turbo Speed] - 176,810 - Chris, Lonon.jpg
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  4. I love the new theme.

    02-16-2018 at 08:51 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    My phone looks awesome now!!
  5. Donkey Kong Forum: Gossip Level 10

    02-15-2018 at 03:53 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  TG Commish.jpg
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    Something is happening in the Triple Galaxies!!!
  6. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Test

    02-06-2018 at 01:28 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  2018-02-06 16_24_57-(7) Falcon Heavy Test Flight - YouTube.jpg
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    The engineering world is doing incredible things. The Falcon Heavy just launched a car into space AND the booster rockets landed themselves. Incredible achievement.

    Interplanetary commercial space travel is well on its way.


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  7. Twin Galaxies Media Area

    02-06-2018 at 11:26 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  video-marketing-10-tips-for-shooting-a-promotional-video.jpg
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    I think it would be nice if there was an area on Twin Galaxies that could showcase awesome videos in TG's posession. Clips, episodes of Settle it on the Screen, marathons, goodies you find in boxes, etc.

    Just an idea.

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  8. King of Kong2: Judgement Day

    02-03-2018 at 07:13 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)

    With so much Donkey Kong drama happening, I thought it would be appropriate to post this. Gotta lighten the mood, you know?
  9. Trading Cards!

    02-02-2018 at 10:26 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  PSP Billy Cards small.jpg
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    I own a copy of every trading card that Walter Day produced, up until about late 2016. I love finding matching pairs in the packages. What are your favorites?
  10. Spousal Referees: Corruption and Collusion

    01-30-2018 at 07:31 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Corruption and collusion.jpg
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    @RTM raised a great point in a wall post. In case you missed it, he asked if it was time to remove scores for referees that co-habitated and validated each other's scores.

    My response:

    If the database prevented people from entering their ...
  11. Fast Fingers

    01-27-2018 at 01:28 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Hector showing fast fingers small.jpg
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    @Fly showing his fast finger technique to the audience. Arcade Expo 1, January 2015
  12. Is the canceled page still working?

    01-24-2018 at 09:52 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  canceled.jpg
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    Name:  2018-01-24 12_50_24-Submission Review.jpg
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    So today I checked out the "cancelled" submission area. To my shock, several @redelf scores were listed (see top photo). This was troubling, as we had live adjudicated several of them the night before.
  13. Trading Cards?

    01-21-2018 at 11:14 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  GameTard Secret Admin small.jpg
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    I am not sure how I feel about these under-ground trading cards. I guess if it makes people laugh, they are ok.
  14. New About Me section is pretty sweet

    01-19-2018 at 11:08 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  2018-01-20 02_06_46-View Profile_ datagod - Twin Galaxies Forum.jpg
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    Make sure to check out your new About Me section on your profile. This is a pretty sweet update.

    Thank you TG!
  15. Another photo from the archives

    01-18-2018 at 06:13 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  TGFestival2015_WalterRichieGirls small.jpg
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    Name:  TGFestival2015_WalterRichieGirls bw small.jpg
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    Another cool group photo from the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival. Walter Day, Richie Knucklez, and three ladies from the staff.

    I still prefer the black and white version. There is something ...
  16. Televised Selfie

    01-18-2018 at 02:17 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Televised Selfie.jpg
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    There is so much personality in this selfie. The two top DK players in the world (Wes Copeland and Robbie Lakeman), @Jace Hall, @redelf even @jjt_defender and @andrewg !

    And of course me. :)

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  17. Color or Black and White?

    01-17-2018 at 08:57 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  TGFestival2015_GroupPhoto George Todd Billy medium.jpg
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    Name:  TGFestival2015_GroupPhoto George Todd Billy bw medium.jpg
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    I love both color and black and white photography. If I had to define my own style, it would be high contrast black and white, which very sharp images. They don't always work out the way I want ...
  18. Be careful what you put on top of the cabinets!

    01-17-2018 at 07:45 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  Billy on top of cab.jpg
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    Some people put the strangest things on top of their arcade cabinets. :)

    Billy Mitchell and Paul Dean at the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Expo

  19. Gaming shirts

    01-17-2018 at 02:01 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Sroka great shirt.jpg
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    What is your favorite gaming shirt? I love my Twin Galaxies shirts, but this one is pretty cool too.
  20. Cold Weather Photography

    01-14-2018 at 06:04 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  RichmondRoadRace2018 10K Start 2 small.jpg
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    Some of you already know I am a photographer based on my arcade / tournament work. But did you know I fund my trips around the country by doing running photography? This particular event was this morning. It was -26C / -15F. These people are running ...
  21. Petition: Bring Back Settle It On The Screen

    01-13-2018 at 09:25 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  Settle.jpg
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    I think most of us are still in shock over the surprise cancellation of our beloved Settle It On The Screen. Several people have already shared their feelings, their sense of loss over this wonderful community building show. We feel lost now, cast ...
  22. Newsfeed Section Comments

    01-13-2018 at 09:14 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  2018-01-13 13_09_47-What Can The Nintendo Switch Do For Competitive Gaming_.jpg
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    **EDIT** I fixed the above image to include the rest of the sentence. My point is the "Let us Know!" without actually having a way of letting anyone know.



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  23. Unsettled on the Screen

    01-12-2018 at 10:59 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  download.jpg
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    Can this truly be the end of Settle it on the Screen? This show is the glue holding the community together. The entire SIOTS staff have a vital role in the community, improving morale, honoring world record performances, making us laugh at our selves, etc. ...
  24. The problem with Wall Posts

    01-12-2018 at 07:40 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    I recently created an unofficial petition on my wall to gauge the community's positon on merging JROK and Arcade platforms (and tracks). While the wall post was getting comments, it maintained visibility.

    The tally so far:

    3 votes NO
    1 vote Possible
    13 votes YES ...
  25. Petition to fold JROK scores into Arcade

    01-10-2018 at 10:40 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  bzf_prod_01.jpg
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    JROK boards are a thing of beauty. They are a technological marvel. They are fully supported here at Twin Galaxies as a separate platform.

    My understanding is that when that platform was created, the community had not fully embraced the hardware ...
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