1. Why do people cheat?

    10-12-2019 at 06:14 PM
    Who was the fastest sprinter in 1988? Canada's Ben Johnson. At the Sumer Olympics in Seoul he ran 100m in 9.79 seconds, breaking the previous record. Sadly for Johnson and Canada he was later found guilty of cheating via steroids and was stripped of his records. Further investigation found that ...

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  2. Upcoming Book

    10-12-2019 at 05:34 PM
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    What do you do after you spend 9 years criss crossing Canada and the USA to attend arcade and pinball events? You go through all your photos and publish a book!I have been thinking about doing this for several years, but needed a little extra kick in the pants to get started. Steve Grunberger -- ...

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  3. Strange behaviour on the site

    10-12-2019 at 05:25 PM
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    Has anyone else noticed that form time to time typing in a text window gets very slow on Twin Galaxies? Sometimes I have to only type three words at a time, and let whatever is watching me catch up before I can continue. It is not always of course, as right now things are going smoothly. But 5 ...
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