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  1. Stargate Arcade AND Defender Tracks Adjusted.

    02-16-2020 at 06:44 PM
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    This original TG Stargate and Defender Tournament tracks have been modified to allow for Baiter-Hunting.

    A new track has been created for competition without Baiter-Hunting for Stargate. Defender already had one created by the community.


    Let's ...

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  2. Adding platforms...

    02-12-2020 at 03:26 AM
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    Been thinking about the whole FPGA/EMU/Original platform intermix issue.It is my opinion that it is probably best for Twin Galaxies to keep all platforms separated in terms of leaderboard participation at this time.This means that things like FPGA will exist on their own hardware basis, and not be considered ...
  3. TGSAP Error rate?

    01-28-2020 at 08:10 PM
    I seem to remember someone figuring out a simplified TGSAP error rate to date based on looking at certain stats... Can anyone direct me to that post?
  4. Slowly Rolling Out Some Changes

    01-10-2020 at 09:01 AM
    Hello all.Please don't be alarmed, as we are slowly rolling out some changes over the next coming week.You will notice that Twin Galaxies has a new dashboard-like front page as well as a HOME button. These are part of the changes and you are not seeing everything in its completed state but we need ...

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  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!

    01-01-2020 at 03:22 PM
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    Warmly wishing everyone the best. The adventure continues. Game on!

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    12-24-2019 at 10:25 PM
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    Just wanted to drop a quick note wishing everyone a happy holiday, and to also let the community know that it is greatly appreciated.The adventure continues!Warmest,Jace
  7. Moderation Update

    12-10-2019 at 01:58 AM
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    I'll be brief.Based on lots of feedback and my general desire to quickly work toward enforcing better behavior throughout the site I have made a couple decisions.1.) @SincerelyFranny is no longer going to be held back by me. She has been wanting to kill a lot of the nonsense behavior for a long ...
  8. Policy Message...

    12-09-2019 at 02:04 AM
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    While I understand that there will be times within the community where various people may not respect or get along well with each other for various non-adjudicative specific reasons, I would like to ask that we all try to take steps to avoid the expression of that occasional discord within the more ...
  9. Wall Entry at 11-20-2019 01:42 AM

    11-20-2019 at 01:43 AM
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    This was sent to me by a TG Member and I thought I would post it:"The enclosed is from the sports/non-sports trading card periodical "Sports Marketing Reseach", a publication of PSA ("Professional Sports Authority").The words definitely apply to the modern generation of gamers ...

    11-13-2019 at 09:05 PM
    In light of some of the conversation and concerns that have been going on in regard to historical scores vs TGSAP scores, I have asked our engineering team look into creating a "TGSAP ONLY" mode for Twin Galaxies that will be set as default.If set, this will remove all non-TGSAP scores from ...

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  11. Clarity on a Rumor

    11-08-2019 at 04:49 AM
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    Just a clarification:I've been notified that a rumor is running around that I (or Twin Galaxies) have something to do with discussing or revealing something / anything about Guinness World Records decision or thoughts in regards to any score reinstatement. I even saw a video on youtube claiming ...
  12. Temporary Site Slowness

    11-07-2019 at 11:12 AM
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    Our white label video hosting provider is experiencing some technical difficulties that may affect certain parts of the website as its API is called and waited on. Videos may not show up until the issue is resolved and there may be some slowness on the site for it to "timeout" on certain unanswered ...
  13. The predictions and aspirations in this article are historical!

    11-04-2019 at 08:44 PM
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  14. Before the birth of ClassicArcadeGaming.com!

    11-04-2019 at 08:40 PM
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  15. During that legendary time period....

    11-04-2019 at 08:39 PM
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  16. What shaven sorcery is this???

    11-04-2019 at 08:38 PM
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  17. How many still stand? :)

    11-04-2019 at 08:34 PM
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  18. 14 years ago...

    11-04-2019 at 08:32 PM
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  19. Took some time to go through the offline archives.....

    11-04-2019 at 08:11 PM
    When I took over Twin Galaxies, I received a lot of materials - much more data than there has been time to fully examine every inch of.With the discovery of that 2006 poster regarding the Donkey Kong score, I wondered if I had access to that original material somewhere so I started casually looking.Well ...
  20. The Rare to Find Edit...

    10-18-2019 at 07:03 PM
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    So much symbolism... yikes!

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  21. Special Note to Apollo Legend.

    09-28-2019 at 01:04 PM

    Yesterday @Apollo Legend posted a video where he discusses some individuals, behaviors and decisions that may have taken place under previous Twin Galaxies ownership regimes.The video has already accumulated more than 270,000 views in just 24 hours.I want to personally thank Apollo Legend for including ...
  22. Small Clarification...

    09-18-2019 at 12:15 PM
    Recently there was a passionate forum post by @Uncanny_Casey and I think it is an important read.https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/209779-Fairness-in-Disputes-Can-I-call-class-into-question?I have always held a strong belief that people are entitled to their opinions, and I personally appreciate ...

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  23. Detailed Analysis of Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong Score Dispute Submitted For Review

    09-14-2019 at 02:24 AM
    TG Member @ersatz_cats submitted a very detailed multi-part analysis and perspective on the recent evidence package provided by Mr. Mitchell in relation to the Donkey Kong score dispute for consideration and review.For interested parties who may have difficulty finding the multi-part analysis within ...

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  24. The Discussion Thread is Now Open

    09-10-2019 at 12:16 AM
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    For those that have interest:https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/176004-Dispute-Jeremy-Young-Arcade-Donkey-Kong-Points-Hammer-Allowed-Player-Billy-L-Mitchell-Score-1-062-800?p=1052923&viewfull=1#post1052923
  25. The General Forum Has Returned...

    09-06-2019 at 12:02 PM

    Keeping it very simple with limited function - but its there. Let's see how it goes. :)Will add a "Post New Thread Button" for easy posting, but for now you must use the "Thread Tools" menu drop down to do that.
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