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  1. A Fistful of Poster Confusion

    10-30-2021 at 11:10 AM
    I saw on Twitter that some gamers were griping that Billy Mitchell crashed their tournament hosted by Kumite this weekend in Tennessee, which isn't too surprising, but this certainly surprised me.STEVE WIEBE IS MISSING!I don't know if it's some sort of twisted joke, or there was a hugely ...

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  2. A New Tetris Silver Champion

    10-27-2021 at 05:30 AM
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    The Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) Finals is still a few weeks ago, but over the weekend Tetris players came together for the Silver Bracket, crowning the second ever Silver Champion:
  3. Phil Tudose breaks the 1.5 million point barrier

    10-26-2021 at 05:33 AM
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    Hi everyone,A few days ago, Phil Tudose reached a new milestone in classic arcade competition on everyone's other favourite Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong Junior. Check it out!
  4. Nibbler submission requirements

    10-12-2021 at 08:10 PM
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    @nibbler 69 asked:
    Ciao ragazzi,
    è possibile fare un tentativo di record su Nibbler con pcb rev6 originale ma su cabinet jamma e joystick non originale?Hello guys,
    is it possible to do a record attempt on Nibbler with original rev6 pcb but on jamma cabinet and non-original joystick?**********Benvenuti ...
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