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  1. TG at 40 - John Lawton, Longest Held Video Game Record

    02-25-2021 at 01:26 PM
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    In February 2008, Twin Galaxies posthumously honored John Lawton for the distinction of holding the longest held video game record. With his brother Bob Lawton, John opened The Weirs Sports Center in June 1952, which operated on the second floor of Tarlsons Arcade in Laconia, NH. The Weirs Sports Center ...

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  2. Mr. Awesome Speaks

    02-25-2021 at 09:07 AM
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    Scene World Magazine's AJ and Joerg recently landed an interview with Missile Command champion Roy Shildt, which is featured in their latest podcast - episode #108.In the interview, Roy delves into his Missile Command history, including discussion of various controversies around his marathon score. ...

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