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    I did an interview about two weeks back with "Tipster" on social media (posted to YouTube).

    First two days were great in terms of gamer responses, but a well known forum Troll arrived (note the capital "T") and within 2-3 days and 80+ posts afterwards I just gave up. The ...
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    Missed it when it happened, but June was the 40th anniversary of the release of "Space Invaders" in Japan, and July for the US release.

    Wow, 40 !!
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    When I was the chief referee for TG, I made it a point to refuse to accept scores on volatile, offensive titles as a matter of policy. Subsequent management ignored that policy.

    Hopefully TG does not accept submissions on a relatively new social media "game" called "Blue Whale" in which ...
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    These "disputes" based on Twitch accounts and YouTube accounts shut down...why not dispute the scores that should never have been entered into the TG database in the first place, such as scores marked as "Affiliate" ?
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    What happened to the game records ? I no longer see a link to click on various games and see what the leaderboards are.
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    This is UTTER HOGWASH !! We are no different than people who train day after day for the Olympics or who compete in sports and non-sports competitions at the highest level.

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    What a difference a few years makes !! In this link, 2 gamers now identified as perhaps the greatest cheaters in TG history are being heralded as a possible tourist promotion for this city. Ironically that ignominy might very well BE the reason for the tourist attraction - http://www.ottumwacourier.com/news/g...190649c82.html
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    Never thought of this before, but should any policy exist governing usage or non-usage of "artwork" when it comes to MAME titles ?

    Thus far TG has never mandated that "artwork" MUST be used in conjunction with a title such as "Canyon Bomber", yet this is one of those rare titles where the ...
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    Two (2) questions...post-Dragster decision...

    1st - in light of what happened, I think that the TG-verified scores by Steve Sanders should come into discussion as to whether they should be retained or removed by TG, for no other reason than consistency in decision-making

    2nd ...
  10. HIstoric Firsts in Video Gaming

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    Historic Firsts in Arcade Video Gaming and Pinball
    Article by Robert T Mruczek
    Revision date - August 30th, 2014
    Release date - AUgust 12th, 2017

    **************************** ...

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