1. Upcoming change to unlisted YouTube videos

    07-05-2021 at 09:05 PM
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    I just wanted to make sure people were aware of an upcoming policy change by YouTube, coming later this month. Basically, older unlisted videos (videos which don't come up in search result but which anyone can watch if they have a direct link) will soon be auto-set to private, for what YouTube is ...

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  2. More info on the Apollo Legend / Billy Mitchell settlement

    06-10-2021 at 04:00 AM
    There has been a lot of speculation and discussion lately around Apollo Legend's legal settlement with disgraced video game cheater Billy Mitchell last year. A public claim has been made, by multiple parties, in multiple venues, that part of this settlement included, what I think would be fair to ...
  3. The evidence against Billy Mitchell

    06-10-2021 at 01:28 AM
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    This is a repost of my "Evidence against Billy Mitchell" post from Donkey Kong Forum, making the material publicly available while DKF is locked to members-only. Note that this post is limited to Billy's contested Donkey Kong scores and related proceedings, and is not in any way a comprehensive ...

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  4. Interview with "rayfinkel", DK's newest 1.2 million point player

    12-13-2020 at 08:08 PM
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    This weekend, I interviewed "rayfinkel" Justin Elliott, original Donkey Kong's newest 1.2 million point player. We talked about fink's journey to the heights of the Donkey Kong rankings, high-level DK strategies, and yes, we also discussed you-know-who.

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  5. What the recent Billy Mitchell lawsuit rulings mean, and what they don't mean

    10-29-2020 at 06:01 AM
    Howdy! So it's been a frustrating week so far, covering this Billy Mitchell case. Not because of the court rulings; those have actually been GREAT, for the most part (as I'll explain). What's been frustrating has been the abundance of misinformation, and in some cases (as often happens in ...

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  6. Newly revealed audio recordings reveal a plot by Billy Mitchell to falsify evidence

    10-09-2020 at 06:53 AM
    Oh boy, have we got some fun stuff for you all today!

    Before we get to the real fireworks, very quickly I want to give a quick update to the lawsuit between Billy "Always Has a Plan" Mitchell and video gaming scorekeeper Twin Galaxies, which is still in progress. TG has publicly provided ...

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  7. The 2007 fake Roy Shildt interview

    05-27-2020 at 03:02 PM
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    I met Roy Schildt on a hot day in Los Angeles we sat at a make shift park to do our interview because he said that this is the only place that he is not noticed. I said Roy what do you mean a park is a public place and everyone goes here, Roy just said every one that he knows is in Hollywood and is
  8. How Robert Mruczek's MTV interview relates to the Billy Mitchell evidence package

    09-14-2019 at 12:43 AM
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    What follows is a series of replies I've made to the revived Donkey Kong dispute thread. I'm reposting them here to my wall, exactly as they appeared there (correcting one image snafu), so they could be collected as a single continuous entry that can be linked to.


    Howdy, ...

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  9. New interview with Robert Mruczek

    02-26-2019 at 03:51 PM
    Here's my recent 2+ hour phone interview with Robert Mruczek. Topics include Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers, new MAME evidence, new Barnstorming WRs, Dragster dispute, King of Kong, and much much more. All topics time-stamped in the video description for your convenience.
  10. TG oddities: Roy Shildt, and the second TG book of records

    02-26-2019 at 01:34 PM
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    Howdy, everyone! I recently conducted a phone interview with Robert Mruczek, which will be posted to YouTube soon. While I had him on the line, I had to ask him about something I discovered trawling through the old TG printed record books a few months ago. Interestingly, this oddity caught Mruczek ...
  11. A long lost interview with Robert Mruczek has revealed yet more evidence against Billy Mitchell

    02-21-2019 at 02:15 PM
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    Has it really been a year? Heck, has it only been a year? Last February was a magical time. We were all knee deep in board swaps and rasterizations. Billy Mitchell, who never does interviews, bounced from interview to interview, hoping to produce something that sounded halfway reasonable. Apollo Legend ...

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  12. The Contra 3 dispute: A post-mortem

    09-07-2018 at 01:35 PM
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    I have some things to say about the recently resolved dispute of Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson's score on Contra 3. Some of this will be a recap of what has been said in the dispute itself, while some of this will be brand new revelations from my experiences in the "AntiCheatingTwinGalaxies" ...

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