1. Wall Entry at 09-03-2018 12:22 PM

    09-03-2018 at 01:26 PM
    Okay so here's the thing...i got a notification that i received cred and submission points for a score that was accepted an hour ago, only my sub points and cred have not increased. WTF?! Is this happening with anyone else?
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    09-02-2018 at 03:50 AM
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    08-29-2018 at 11:55 PM
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    Hey didn't the new GWR gamer's edition come out a couple days ago? I'm gonna get a copy soon but i wanna know what you guys think...is it any good?
  4. Atari Star Wars (Arcade) tips by RTM.

    08-26-2018 at 07:23 AM
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    Below are some tips for star wars from marathon WR holder Robert Murczek which was divulged to me in a private message.The tips are written in his own words, enjoy! And remember...the force will be with you...always. ...
  5. Wall Entry at 08-20-2018 01:30 AM

    08-20-2018 at 02:38 AM
    So a really messed up thing happened today. I somehow managed to accidentally delete my version of wolfmame 185 with all my roms...annoying enough, so i download wolfmame 185 again and attempt to get back some of the roms (particularly the ones i'm competing on) and to my surprise, Ms. pac man speedup ...
  6. I dedicate this song to anyone with a world record on this forum,CHEERS!!!

    08-18-2018 at 01:28 AM
  7. Wall Entry at 08-17-2018 04:12 AM

    08-17-2018 at 05:18 AM
    Does anyone know a recent version of mame where the metal slug 2 rom actually works? I originally had mame 196 but i had to "downgrade" to 185 simply because the superman arcade game doesn't work on 196. And the funny thing is i have metal slug 1 and 3 and those roms work but not MS2...WTH?
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    08-12-2018 at 03:13 AM
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    06-10-2018 at 02:42 AM
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    Well here is my first attempt at track creation if anyone wants to attempt a WR on super street fighter 4 for the 3DS https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthr...Edition-Points . Any and all contributions towards the creation of this track will be greatly ...
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    06-03-2018 at 08:13 AM
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    Well excuuuse me princess lol!
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    05-29-2018 at 10:28 AM
    Does TG allow for submissions for games on nintendo based emulators?
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    05-18-2018 at 05:30 AM
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    Still waiting for nintendo to release a simulator of their gottlieb mario pinball machines :( :( :(
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    05-10-2018 at 04:45 PM
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    I am truly blessed and i am very thankful to TG for helping me to achieve my gaming goals, may this forum live forever!
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    After today, no one will question TG's credibility, well done!
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    04-02-2018 at 02:22 PM
    Does anyone know the world record for fastest time for beating soul edger ver. 2 ?
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