1. Favorite movie actors and movies

    11-27-2019 at 05:10 PM
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    Since my posts seem to be getting a lot of hits lately, lets have a fun discussion about things other than games. Who do you consider to be the greatest actors/actresses of all time. Not guilty pleasure actors...that's obviously Stallone, Schwarzeneger, Willis, Seagal, Van Damme. I'm talking ...
  2. Really important stuff goes here

    11-27-2019 at 11:20 AM
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    @RTM @Snowflake , here you go boys. Have at it.
  3. Racing games and cutting corners

    11-23-2019 at 07:56 PM
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    Have to ask. If the rules don't state anything about short cuts being allowed/not allowed, can you cut corners for a race? Going off track does hurt you IF you don't know what you are doing. Its kind of like Mario Kart. You can use your Mushroom or corner boosts at certain points and cut corners, ...
  4. Xbox Executor 2 Modchip - Is this acceptable for submission

    11-20-2019 at 08:04 PM
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    This is a link in TGSAP of my modded Xbox. You guys tell me if you think it would be acceptable to use for submitting runs. The games are all on the Xbox hard drive, I don't believe there is any. I'd like as much feedback on this because there are games I would to submit to but won't even ...
  5. State championship for my nephew this Thursday.

    11-19-2019 at 03:38 PM
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    A cool side note I have going on this Thursday. My nephew is playing for a state championship in football. Semi finals he had 263 yds of total offense and 5 TDs. Should be a great game. Game starts at 10am central. He is number 9 for the Audubon Wheelers. Not sure if this has any relevance to any of ...
  6. Disputing and no evidence

    11-18-2019 at 03:07 PM
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    If there is one thing TG should learn from the recent Zelda dispute, it should be that ANY video evidence...more like any evidence of any kind to support a score in the database that TG has in it's possession should be uploaded to the website and attached to it's score immediately. Rodrigo has ...

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  7. Hacked XBOX

    11-10-2019 at 03:12 PM
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    So I completely forgot I even had this thing from my college days. I haven't started it up in years. I believe the hack was with the Xecutor Modchip and it allowed me to play ROMs stored on the HD. Would this be allowed for submissions? Since HD based drives are now being allowed, I figured I'd ...
  8. Iowa Tecmo live stream

    11-09-2019 at 10:39 AM
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  9. Change the organizing reference check for game platforms

    11-05-2019 at 08:18 PM
    I'm having to double check my Hyrule Warriors scores for the 3DS. Why don't you guys just go take a look at the first 9 pages of that games tracks and tell me if the way TG orders the tracks makes any sense? It doesn't and with games that have many pages like this it makes it just stupid ...

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  10. Site issues

    11-02-2019 at 10:03 AM
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    @SincerelyFranny @Jace Hall @admin staff Is there anyone of you that can give us an update as to what is happening or being done to the website? Why the video changes in the submissions queue? 2 years ago was the best version of the site IMO. I'm sure ALL members would agree that whatever is happening ...
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