1. My failed intellivision marathon

    03-26-2019 at 05:08 PM
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    Some months back my mousetrap marathon failed as the intellivision blacked out after 12 hours. Well I love reading old magazines imagine my thrill when the section I’m reading had a question from readers on intellivision over heating. They even listed 12 hours as the key point and I kid you ...
  2. Nomination of RTM for IVGHOF

    03-24-2019 at 12:39 PM
    I have gone to to nominate RTM for the Golden Age Gamer division, although truth be told, I think he's really in his own division since its largely his work as chief ref that leads to his fame, but there is no division for TG former refs, so golden gamer will do.

    I ...
  3. intellivsiion skiing sucks

    03-22-2019 at 12:08 AM
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    just had to say it. though i've been keeping up with wall posts you may have noticed i've slipped on adjudciation. its cause i'm doing a hell of a lot of intellision skiing and i hate it. but its where the esi is. i can get pretty much second place in all events now, tying for first is ...
  4. paradox of retro gaming

    03-19-2019 at 10:18 AM
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    as someone into nostalgia, video games in particular i am aware of the paradox
    A big part of the thing your'e recreating was about living in the present. how do you live in the past and relive a time when you were focused on the future? how do you nostaligically remember the good old days of ...
  5. tracking video game board games

    03-19-2019 at 12:01 AM
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    so things like chess, or checkers. does speed run or fewest make sense? i'm leaning towards fewest moves. that will no doubt mean more times, but also easier adjudication. additionally, sure, the speed of making decisions matters, but at somepoint it just comes down to not how quick you thought ...
  6. Even my cat plays on arcade

    03-18-2019 at 12:49 PM
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    Mame is lame
  7. this is ridiculous

    03-17-2019 at 04:22 PM
    so top 3 spots in intellivion skiing are all pending. i dont think i've seen 3 peoplecoincidentally all go for the same game at the same time on something so relatively obscure before.

    i just got for example what would've been the record just a month ago, but its third place now. and ...
  8. Not **** but it’ll do

    03-13-2019 at 11:04 AM
    I felt left out everyone was getting dirty ads except me with my fine high upstanding moral browsing but this ad would count as **** to 12 year old me. I’ll take it!
    And no I can assure you this is not based on my search history
  9. Heres something that wont offend anyone

    03-10-2019 at 10:04 PM
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    So i've been wanting to create a strawberry shortcake track for a few years now, but kept putting it off since i knew i wouldnt be submitting anytime soon.

    However, the new hubbub about whats offesnive and what isnt i felt gave an added motivation for this. I present you to the one track ...
  10. Feelings and stuff in 23 minutes

    03-06-2019 at 04:38 PM
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    8pm EST, today, on my twitch channel be interviewing speedy (brandon). live streamed and open to audience questions as always
  11. uploader broken cant submit

    03-04-2019 at 12:40 PM
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    when i couldnt upload my inp and .wlf i figured whatever, i remember attachments were wonky, but i've certainly uploaded MANY videos in the past. even the video uplaod does nothing when you click the upload button.

    Updated 03-04-2019 at 03:42 PM by SincerelyFranny

  12. Lol looks like they’re not doxxing anymore

    03-02-2019 at 01:11 PM
    In a polar opposite reversal they no longer give our names in notifications
  13. intellivision skiing frustration

    03-01-2019 at 11:07 AM
    oh man, i know its where all the ESI is, but this might be the most frustrating intellivision game i've played yet.

    i've got 75 multiple times for Downhill 1. i'm reguarly beneath 80. That 72 and 73 glen and Al got though ug.

    let me ask other who have gone through this, due ...
  14. 3rd place intelllvision or bug

    02-28-2019 at 11:03 AM
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    honestly its probably a bug i jumped from 5th to 3rd, but i'll take it!
  15. Lagal issue for TG?

    02-27-2019 at 08:52 AM
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    I have an idea for a novely track that I dont want to give away just yet. However, it involves combining alchohol with gameplay. Now surely TG doesnt want to in anyway be responsible for people harming themselvse, so i'd include a rule like only one beer, if you get two drunk that would be a disqualfication. ...
  16. Disputes moving

    02-24-2019 at 10:14 PM
    I complain when its not having, i'll give thanks when it is
  17. Is it just me or is this freaking stupid

    02-24-2019 at 09:26 PM
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    atari 5200 old berzerk rules "default settings"
    new rules "This game has no settings for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply. Please use default settings. "

    if the game has no setting then why ...
  18. Congratulations Gsampson for third on atari

    02-24-2019 at 05:48 PM
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    So not only did glen bump me from 5th to 6th fairly recently, i get a notification he beat me againoh well, at least beating me is what rose him to third place overall, no shame losing to third place overall. Atari 2600 getting some fierce competition in the 21s century
  19. Fourth place on intellivision

    02-24-2019 at 12:24 PM
    Well despite all my complaints i'm stili gonna take happy and pride in the little things. The recent rush of acceptance has put me into 4th place on intellivision. @Gsampson35 my old atari rival is now within 3 pts of me on intellivision so when i'm done with tapper i'm definitly motivated ...
  20. Rootbeer tapper

    02-24-2019 at 06:43 AM
    so while the tapper skills are still fresh i'ld like to get all the records. for mames i just gotta teach my muscle memory to use my thumbs for butons instead of hand/arm for taps. shouldnt take long at all. in fact can already marathon mame, just cant do well enough for 5-life/ 1-life yet

    however ...
  21. Is there a way to know if i'm ignored or just a bug

    02-23-2019 at 07:45 PM
    So a user who I very much doubt blocked me (but i wont say the name just in case the block is intentional) appear to have me on ignore, i say this because I can view comments on his wall post. I can of course go to anyone's profile, is there some way i can confirm i'm on "ignore" ...
  22. A second chance!

    02-22-2019 at 10:15 PM
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    So a certain unnamed poor, dirty finger nailed, barefoot loser has given me a second chance! It turns out he has given all people like me a second chance and wont sue for saying his outrageous ebay prices are too high. Oh thank god. I was so worried all my assets were going to be seized for ...
  23. Datagod is a time traveller, or a vampire

    02-21-2019 at 04:30 PM
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    i was watching the twilight zone and my jaw dropped when i found this
  24. to answer blackflag and report a new bug

    02-21-2019 at 06:48 AM
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    hey blackflag i tried to reply but it wont let me evne though i could reply on 90kids johnny post. anyway, i was just confirming you're correct its not in the menu anymore but i would speculate if anyone knows the url we could probably manually type it in
  25. Announcing March's Feelings & Stuff guest

    02-18-2019 at 07:10 PM
    I'll be interviewing Speedy47591 Brandon Kelly, first wednesday of march (2019-3-6) at 8:00 pm EST on my twitch channel
    as always it will be live streamed and open to audience questions.
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