1. Frogger and Tourettes

    04-29-2020 at 09:12 PM
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    So i made a post about galaxian being disadvantageous with tourettes, but with frogger its amazing and works so well

    The key being, tourettes, like an itch, you have some limited control over in that you can choose to delay but have to give in. Frogger has ALOT of spots where you're just ...

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  2. Question mainly for new people but all answers wanted

    04-10-2020 at 09:19 AM
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    So the queue is really small again, i'm wondering if thats good or bad for image. we complain when the queue gets big and mass submitters but a small queue also makes tg look less active, so my questoin(s) is this

    does a big or small queue look better/worse to new memberdoes a big or small ...
  3. squid pro quo

    04-09-2020 at 11:54 AM
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    i know a 3 hour run is a bit to watch so if you vote on mine, give me a link and i'll vote on yours

    note: this is not collusion. i didnt say accept, i said vote. if you reject my score i'll equally honor the bargain. likewise im not promising my vote on your sub will be positive i'm ...
  4. is it possible to prevent others from tagging you

    04-08-2020 at 11:29 AM
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    i dont want to block anyone as i need to see whats said in adjudication. i only want to prevent someone from tagging me. or heck, even tag me, but just let me block notifications of the tag without entirely preventing myself from viewing the other comments.

    i dont have the self control to not ...
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