1. Analogue Super NT has arrived!!!

    02-13-2018 at 03:05 PM
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    It has arrived.......

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  2. Support system

    02-09-2018 at 02:59 PM
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    Always good to have a support system when working towards your goals. Cardiac rehab is much easier with this little guy next to me!
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  3. Analogue Super NT Early Reviews

    02-07-2018 at 11:03 AM
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    Early reviews of the Super NT are now out. This review includes an interview with Kevin Horton (Kevtris).

    Interesting to note the section about “buffering” options and how they impact HDMI output.
  4. New Game Room Art!

    02-06-2018 at 09:54 AM
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    Thanks to @timmell and “Settle It On The Screen” for the piece of their set that they sent to me after the final show. I now have a beautiful piece of art work signed by Billy Mitchell hanging right next to my MAME cabinet!

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  5. 8BitDo SN30 Gamepad

    02-05-2018 at 03:36 PM
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    So far, I am very impressed with the SN30 controller from 8BitDO. I’ve been using it with my Analogue NT Mini while anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Analogue Super NT.
  6. Lakeman Twitch Stream right now

    02-02-2018 at 07:49 PM
    Robbie’s Twitch stream is amazing right now.
  7. Original Hardware Rules

    01-31-2018 at 08:32 AM
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    The General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines for Submissions is severely outdated.

    -Original Hardware
    -Original Software
    -Original Controllers

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  8. Rules, Rules, RULES!!

    01-30-2018 at 05:33 PM
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    I have a question for @Dave Hawksett regarding....... you guessed it: Rules!

    I am specifically interested in rules for console submissions. The reason I am making this a wall post, as opposed to a direct email, is to allow other members of the community to weigh in.

    I think ...
  9. My Theory on Todd, Dragster, and Cheating......

    01-29-2018 at 06:12 AM
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    I’ve spoken to Todd Rogers a few times via Facebook Messenger. All of my interactions with him have been very positive. We talked video games and we’ve also discussed tarantula keeping.

    I want to believe that the world is full of good people. I want to believe that when I interact ...
  10. Congrats and Thanks to DB Cooper and Omnigamer

    01-29-2018 at 05:37 AM
    Many thanks and congrats to @D.B.Cooper , @RTM , and especially @Omnigamer for their efforts in the Dragster dispute, as well as to everyone else that participated. Thank you as well to @TWIN GALAXIES for their detailed conclusion Post.

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  11. Not allowed to participate in Dragster

    01-24-2018 at 01:31 PM
    I guess I am no longer allowed to participate in the Dragster thread. Oh well. Seems odd, since all I did was ask a question that has gone unanswered. I wasn’t toxic, nor was I cluttering up the thread.

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  12. Pre- TGSAP Scores should be archived

    01-23-2018 at 01:02 PM
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    I’m now of the opinion that any and all preTGSAP scores should be archived and removed. Any score that does not contain video footage stored within TG database should be archived and removed*. (Find a solution to archiving YouTube submissions so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.) ...

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  13. Mobile viewing is getting worse.....

    01-21-2018 at 11:21 AM
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    Is anyone working on the mobile viewing platform for TG. Every single one of these “improvements” to the website makes mobile viewing worse and worse. Every time. All of my TG viewing is done via mobile.

    Is there any way to slow down the “improvements” just a little ...
  14. I’m glad Kyle’s back

    01-07-2018 at 05:25 PM
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    I’m glad that @thegamer1185 is back after serving hard time.
  15. Snow Day

    01-04-2018 at 07:16 AM
    Snow Day!!!!

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  16. Website unusable

    12-21-2017 at 11:01 AM
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    This website has become essentially unusable from a mobile device.
  17. Who’s ready for Star Wars?

    12-14-2017 at 06:42 AM
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    I’m ready. That’s who.

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  18. Off topic Health Update

    11-30-2017 at 05:25 PM
    I just want to extend my thanks, again, to the Twin Galaxies community. I am back in the hospital today and had another successful cardiac procedure. This is my third procedure since my heart attack on 11/14/17.

    The good news is that this should be it. Now I start on the road to recovery. ...

    Updated 12-01-2017 at 03:31 AM by DadsGlasses

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  19. Home and recovering with Star Wars and NES

    11-18-2017 at 04:28 AM
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    ***This thread contains spoilers***

    I got home from the hospital last night. This has been a crazy week. Heart Attacks are just simply no fun at all.

    I’m on bed rest with limited activity until 11/30 when I have to go back into the hospital for another cardiac procedure. My ...

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  20. Crazy day. Heart attack!

    11-14-2017 at 06:41 PM
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    Crazy day today, Twin Galaxies family.

    I'm 38 years old and suffered a major heart attack today. I just got out of the Cath Lab following an angioplasty and stent placement. I need another procedure within the next week to repair a more seriously blocked cardiac artery.
  21. Nes Arcade Cabinet Update

    11-12-2017 at 11:00 AM
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    Here's the latest. Control panel is done. I'm not sure if I will keep this design or make changes.

    Red Button resets the NES back to the Everdrive Menu.

    Nes Advantage controls Player 1 and Player 2. There is also an OEM controller beneath the Advantage that can be used for ...
  22. Nes Arcade RESET demo

    11-10-2017 at 06:03 PM
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    Here's a quick video of the progress on the NES Arcade.

    A single switch powers on the NES, the audio amp, and the monitor. The Everdrive menu comes up and the player one controller operates the Everdrive.

    The NES console is inside the coin door for easy access. I wanted to ...
  23. Custom NES Arcade Cabinet Update

    11-10-2017 at 02:51 PM
    Finished my homemade bezel for the NES cabinet.

    Lots more work to go.

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  24. Nes Cabinet Project Update

    11-07-2017 at 06:53 PM
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    Swapping the VGA monitor for a CRT television proved to be a much easier route.

    Next I need to build a custom CP & decide which primary controller to use.

    I also want to wire a "Reset" button to the control panel so that I don't need to open the coin door in order to reset ...
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  25. Technical issues Composite to VGA

    11-05-2017 at 09:03 AM
    I'm working on a project. As part of that, I would like to go from my NeS (original toaster) composite video to a VGA monitor. Dell M922 monitor.

    I bought a $20 Composite to VGA converter. No matter how I adjust it, I can't get it to work. I get vertically scrolling hosizontal rainbow ...
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