1. Doing Things In Real Life Again

    05-27-2021 at 06:29 AM
    Hey everyone!Last Friday my band played our first indoor rock show in a very long time. In fact, a show at this particular venue 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown WV was our first one to get canceled due to the pandemic. That was back in March 2020 and we had not played here since January 2020. They limited ...
  2. MAME v.106 INP in a hex editor

    05-06-2021 at 07:18 AM
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    @Almighty Dreadlock @Barthax @xelniaI have a simple question about where to look in a WolfMAME v.106 INP when confirming settings. See the adjudication thread of my submission here.Specifically this section of @terencew 's post:DIP Info from source:
    INPUT_PORTS_START( 64street )
    Sample ...
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