1. A cool hack I discovered as a kid from Mortal Kombat for Genesis

    08-25-2019 at 07:19 PM
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    When I was a kid I discovered that if you enter the game genie codes to fight smoke on every level, there was a way you could play as him, as well as all the other secret characters. They all had glitched moves that I'm sure not anyone has ever seen before. Anyhow here's some old videos ...
  2. Dragster Atari 2600 MAXIMUM SPEED possible under impossible conditions.

    08-25-2019 at 06:31 PM
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    This is a hack of Dragster I made to find the -MAXIMUM SPEED- possible under impossible conditions. 3.27 is the fastest possible if the speed counter was set to its maximum and kept there until the end of the race. The maximum speed is possible, what is not possible is the ability to start the game ...
  3. An early draft from my Dragster research.

    08-25-2019 at 06:06 PM
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    Here is an early draft from my Dragster research with all the various memory locations I could identify. Some of them may not be listed and some might have very vague descriptions but as I continue to work I'll be updating these pages with the correct info. As I know there are others who have done ...

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  4. Dragster Overdrive Cheat!

    08-25-2019 at 01:25 AM
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    I developed a cheat that allows the tachometer to max out without blowing out the engine. It also adds a new challenge to the game play as it's possible to achieve a variety of scores. My personal best is 5.61. I strongly believe 5.57 is possible using this cheat.Enter the following codes in ...

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