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    Just ordered 2 Slik Stiks and 1 Indy 500 driving controller so I can go after more 2600 records. IE the sports ones and Indy 500 ones. Which track ball should I order for decathlon the Atari made one or the Wiko Command Trackball.
  2. Buzz Bomber - Intellivision Could have been a world record.

    05-27-2018 at 06:03 PM
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    Was messing around with Buzz Bomber could barley get 60k points. Then during practice the magical game finally happens.

    Here are a few snippets from where it went from really good to really bad then really good again.

    Name:  buzz bomer pic 1.jpg
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    Name:  buzz bomber pic 2.jpg
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    Dracula practice run on the INTV. Pretty solid game.

    Name:  dracula 21625.jpg
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    Star Wars : Empire Strikes back on Intellivision practice run.Name:  star wars intv 9999.jpg
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    Name:  star wars intv 9999.jpg
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    Remember that AI that found the Qbert Atari 2600 scoring glitch. Well here is the console version.

    &t=422s" target="_blank">
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