1. BTC Bounty has Come to a Close

    12-26-2021 at 04:30 PM
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    The Jonas Naubauer memorial Bitcoin bounty has come to a close.
    Big Congrats to @MegaTech for taking the TG Tetris lines record up by more than 50 lines! In doing this he has won the NES Tetris lines bounty.

    Before I say anything further, I want to be sure I havnt missed anything. NES Tetris ...
  2. Only 20 Days Left for the 2021 Jonas Neubauer Memorial BTC Bounty!

    12-05-2021 at 09:16 AM
    So far only a single TG record has been taken down. Will that new record stand? Will any more fall?
    If your wanting a shot at some Bitcoin and the glory of taking down one of these monumental records, get on the ball because there are only 20 days left!
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    In ...
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