Pat Larocque

  1. My Son's arcade cabinet update!

    10-13-2019 at 08:47 AM
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    My Little Man testing out his cabinet for the first time before all the finishing touches and paint are done to it. My Son had the idea a little while ago that he wanted to build his own arcade cabinet when we started to renovate the basement into a game room. We started a few weeks ago and am ...
  2. Another proud Dad moment!!

    10-07-2019 at 03:21 PM
    My Son officially started building his first Arcade cabinet all on his own tonight!! He was also very insistent on making a Centipede themed one.....of course I had to start building one as well, can't let him have all the fun! He'll be running his on a Raspberry PI while the second one will ...
  3. Great book!

    10-02-2019 at 07:10 AM
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    Just received this in the mail this morning and couldn't be happier with it so far! Very informative and great layout that's easy to understand, highly recommended!!
  4. Going to be a great vacation!!

    07-20-2019 at 09:13 PM
    Finally going to take a few days vacation from my busy work schedule and properly enjoy this little gem I received last month! From the short time periods I've logged on it so far, I couldn't be happier with this purchase and looking forward to logging many more hours on it in the future.....still ...
  5. Uno cart vs. Harmony cart for Atari 2600?

    06-02-2019 at 10:26 AM
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    I was just wondering if anyone has or uses the Uno cart, and also how it compares to the Harmony cart for the Atari 2600, and ultimately if high scores played on the Uno would be accepted like on the Harmony cart?I would personally prefer to use the original carts for the games but unfortunately it ...

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  6. Just a quick Thank You!!

    06-01-2019 at 09:07 PM
    Although I'm a very new member (and not the most active until very recently), I have been aware of TG since my childhood and have always had a deep love for classic games. It has only been recently since my son has discovered my old games that this love has been rekindled and I couldn't be happier!Unfortunately ...
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