Garrett Holland

  1. "Retro gaming is making its return"?!? Huh?!

    05-26-2021 at 09:07 PM
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    Wait ... when did it go away? o.O
  2. Is PAL-M (60Hz) treated as NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz)?

    05-24-2021 at 12:20 AM
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    I was under the impression that PAL-M (PAL-60, 60Hz, exclusive to Brazil) performances were treated as NTSC (also 60Hz) rather than PAL (50Hz). Which is it? Anyone have a definitive answer? I could not find anything in the TG Official Guidelines about it, however, that is how I and everyone else I've ...

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  3. Sony in the hot seat again.

    05-06-2021 at 09:03 AM
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