1. Yolympics 2022 phase 1 game voting is now OPEN

    Yesterday at 01:32 PM
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    Hi everyone,
    Yolympics 2022 game voting is now OPEN . (https://forms.gle/6qnQizmZbjV2f5Cf9) Please choose 3 games from each of the 4 categories for a total of 12 votes per player, Phase 1 will narrow the games list down from 120 to 60 games for the phase 2 voting. Phase 1 voting will end on 26th ...

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  2. Winter Yolympics 2022 is now open for registration!

    11-18-2021 at 12:41 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    It's coming up to winter ☃️ so lets have something to look forward to going into 2022. I am happy to announce that the Winter Yolympics 2022 is now open for registration (https://www.cagtournaments.com/InProcess/43)
    Winter ...

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  3. Happy Holloween to everyone at Twin Galaxies

    10-31-2021 at 01:16 AM
    Hi everyone,Just want to wish you all aHappy Halloween and most importantly stay safe

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  4. The history of Commando

    08-29-2021 at 08:10 PM
    Hi everyone,I found this pretty cool documentary on Commando by PatmanQC Hope you enjoy

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