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    Congratulations. Dan Yamnitz on your Arcade Pole Position 2 Records Lock Out. If this gets accepted, would he get some sort of recognition from Twin Galaxies, surely a Certificate or Plaque for him to commemorate such a milestone for this achievement on this Great Arcade Classic.
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    Can anyone explain the Credibility Points System. If a score that you voted correctly on gets a decision , you get 3 Points. How many do you lose if you voted the wrong way?
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    Just a quick question about Atari 2600 Harmony SD Card Cartridges. I do love to see the original Hardware being used, but I understand this is not always possible for all players. But if it is on SD Card does that mean that the game could be changed for any reason? If so should that mean that those ...
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    I have asked this before but cannot find the thread now.I have got a Submission for an Arcade Record for a gamealready here under MAME and Sega Genesis.Its Sega Super Monaco GP.How do I go about getting an Arcade Record on the same list.I don't want to submit a new track and It mess up what's ...
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    Hi Yet another Noob Question from me.I have looked but I cannot find out how,if a game is already listed to Submit a different format.i.e. It's listed on the Master System and in MAME,but I would like to Submit an Arcade Record.Thanks All.
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    A bit of a Noob question here,I have an Outrun Arcade Score that I have submitted waiting to be allowed.What happens if I beat that Score?Is it possibly to submit the new one and does it just delete the old one and start the process again? ...
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    Hi Guys. I am pretty new to submitting my scores and own a few Arcade Cabinets.I cannot find the listing of the game I wish to submit to under Arcade.What do you have to do to get them added?Thanks.

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