1. Vote for my submission

    11-29-2021 at 07:41 AM
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    Hey all if you've got a few minutes to spare I'd greatly appreciate it if I could get a few views and votes on my latest 1942 M.A.M.E submission video. I think I've finally finally.....finally got it right for my first valid submission. Thanks everyone and happy gaming!!
  2. INP file

    11-15-2021 at 08:19 AM
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    I'm using a retroarch MAME program for score submissions and someone mentioned on my first video submission it was missing the inp file. I fiddled around with the program for a while and managed to get this information to display on the screen during my run, is this what's missing? If I were ...
  3. Recent submission

    11-14-2021 at 09:54 AM
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    I would greatly appreciate some insight and feedback on my most recent video submission attempt so please take a look and tell me what you thinkThanks everyone and happy gaming!!
  4. NES 1942 vs Arcade 1942

    11-12-2021 at 09:44 AM
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    I just recently picked up a copy of Capcom Classics for my psp because it has the arcade versions of 1942 and 1943 and as you all know (all meaning the two or three people interested in my page) I'm working on a 1942 Highscore to submit so I thought I could get some practice in on the arcade version ...
  5. Need some advice!!!

    11-06-2021 at 08:15 AM
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    I need a bit of advice from some of the more experienced members. I have a new achievement video ready to post but I'm a little unsure about two things 1. The total gameplay video is about 1 hour 3 minutes long but I didn't realize that my phone which I was using to record stops recording at ...
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