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    This was provided within another wall post.

    My question...seeing how Billy Mitchell is a Board Member and must have signed this (at least one would HOPE that both he and Walter did)...then point 2 is an issue.

    In his "Evidence Package": he publicly accused me of stealing his tape, saying that he never mailed it to me, and yet in Walter's OWN words Walter acknowledged that Billy sent me his tape after the ACAM 2005 event...these words were reflected within that "Evidence Package" thread shortly after someone uncovered and posted the MTV interview that I gave.

    SOOO...Billy publicly LIED about what he said about me and that tape (to which Brian Kuh signed an affadavit which I took it which is ALSO a lie), and after Billy's libelous statement he is STILL a Board Member of the IVGHOF ?

    Like I said...SHAM in capital letters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTM

    Todd, where is a link to the "Code of Ethics" ? Thanks.

    Note that as per this document from March 2019 that the code of Ethics applies to all membership levels, including but not limited to the IVGHOF board of directors.

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    I've already nominated Roger and I think Garrett needs to be there too.

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    i dont care enough to recheck, but going off memory i do believe the finally gave some clarifcation to the ethics cause. at first it was every bit as vague and ridiculous as you claim, it simply said you had to follow the ethics without saying what they were. it was later elaborated to include doing nothing and saying nothing that can have a negative effect on ivghof. i mean i get it, ethic clauses do have to be open to opinion like that, but i find it strange that they dont think cheating on multiple high profile games and defrauding competitors violates the ethics clause. i mean if cheating isnt a violation then what else possibly could be?

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    Todd, where is a link to the "Code of Ethics" ? Thanks.

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    I just submitted my nomination for Rudy for the 2020 Inductees

    Form (redacted(

    E-MAIL Proof

    Now here's what's bizarre...the submitted or mailed nomination form only requires that you, as the one submitting the nomination, provide your name, E-MAIL and phone number, but the online submission form also requires your street address, city, state and zip. That's insane that the two are not absolutely identical.

    In any event, that "ethics clause" is there yet it is not apparent what the ethics clause is once they can make up whatever BS they want at any time to exclude someone.

    What's laughable is giving awards to people like Nolan Bushnell, Steve Wozniak...basically industry bigshots. I'm waiting for them to proudly proclaim an award for Bill Gates one day just so his name will be tagged in the IVGHOF website for traffic. That's like creating an "International Fine Arts Hall of Fame" and each year nominating people like Michelangelo, DaVinci, Mozart, Bachm Shakespeare, etc. Proves little and just says what people already know.

    Until the first year of "inductees" is completely scrapped for the sham that it was...people getting inducted for example because they helped Walter unpacking at the Mall of America 2000/2001 events so they get a BS category of champion at "Tempest" (extreme settings) of 114K and so will forever be a BS sham organization.

    Same for until it releases publicly an inventory of all tangible and monetary donations and an accountability of where the money is, what was spent thus far (and on what/whom) and what the status of all donations are in terms of functionality and where they are being housed, it will forever be a sham operation.

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    I think this is the issue:

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    Al do you have a list of all games were "default" was changed to disc speed? also do you have a list of specific titles youd like to look at

    I believe the list @Intellivision Master posted is just a list of games he believes were changes to disc speed. NOT a list of titles that need to be looked at. Al will have to confirm.

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    Should be fixed. Please confirm.

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    A little bit of cleanup for Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360. The following two variations can be deleted as they were not defined sufficiently (four other variations exist which better define the different encounters with The Proudclad):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Hall

    @stella_blue issue should be fixed please confirm..

    The issue appears to have been resolved.

    Thank you for the quick action.

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    Day 12 of 17 ...

    Busy streets, everywhere!

    5 days to go ...

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    Day 12 of 17 ...

    It's really tough blowing up so many balloons.

    5 days to go ...

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    @stella_blue issue should be fixed please confirm..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake
    let me try it with a question. knowing everything you know now, do you really think something that said default should have been changd to discspeed? if your answer is yes, please explain. if your answer is no, then why wouldnt you want the changes reverted?

    I understand that the original rule changes were made in good faith in an effort to clarify the meaning of "default," but I agree that they should be corrected in view of the Snipercade/TG information circa 1998-99. For example, I would invite @Rogerpoco to re-submit his rejected Astrosmash submission from 2017, as we know now that his interpretation of "default" = easiest was in keeping with the definition employed at the track's foundation and his own suspicion given Fothergill's score. I will fund a track if Glen and Garrett wish to move their submissions to one that aligns with their game set-up - or if they wish to compete again on this title, then their newer (presumably) higher score on the clarified default settings will eclipse their existing one.

    We also know from Voodoo Chilly's post that early TG also developed variations where "default" wasn't the set-up for tracks like Auto Racing. I'm sure there are many other examples, but the first step should be to acknowledge that default reversion is merited in a number of cases.

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    Now focus on the top right of the CA/NDA and that's where you are instructed to keep quiet for ten (10) years which is utter nonsense. But this largely explains why some people who might have had negative words to say have kept there mouths shut other than perhaps Dwayne and myself. I never found out who the other recipients who signed it were but have an idea as to who at least a select few were.

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    And here is the Confidentiality Agreement/NDA itself...note that even though TG was sold it STILL refers to Walter AND Billy as "TG Officers" (see top left) which is quite odd.

    Equally odd is that breaching the signed agreement means repaying back TG which is no longer owned by how is this a "simple but enforceable" agreement as Joel West's original letter stated ? Answer: it's not worth the printed paper that the ink is on (in case you decided to print)

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    Hi Francois:

    That was the one where Joel, acting as a paralegal for Walter, sent the following E-MAIL to a number of are three parts with Joel's physical address blacked out...

    1st of 3

    2nd of 3

    3rd of 3

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