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03-01-2019 at 11:07 AM
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intellivision skiing frustration

oh man, i know its where all the ESI is, but this might be the most frustrating intellivision game i've played yet.

i've got 75 multiple times for Downhill 1. i'm reguarly beneath 80. That 72 and 73 glen and Al got though ug.

let me ask other who have gone through this, due to the simliair of the tracks, once you get one do you pretty much get them all. LIke is the frustration worst on the first track you do but then you keep the skill cross tracks? Or is there this much hassle relearning every track

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    Its bad for sure. The controls are the worst part of this game. One tip though. You need to hit the disc from the title screen. Or your skier wont go as fast as we played.

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