04-12-2019 at 09:41 AM
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Flashback Friday/TGRewind on Social Media

Hello Twin Galaxies Community!

As mentioned previously in a post by @Dave Hawksett .....

"We are seeking images of old-school gaming and hardware and all things related. Past tournaments, arcades and cabinets, home computer and console stuff, collections – if it’s relevant you name it!"!

We proudly posted our first #TGRewind featuring @Jlemory1 !

We would love to continuously dedicate post of this nature every Friday's to our celebrate our community, so get your contributions in!

These post can be found on both the Twin Galaxies Facebook and our Instagram!

  1. JohnnyOlMan's Avatar

    In addition to these Flashback Friday/TGRewind posts which are meant to spotlight some of your favorite retro gaming memories from the scene, we've also been listening to what you said and explored a new way to showcase records in our "On This Day" posts on Twitter and Facebook. With them, we've been looking back through the archives and seeing who accomplished records on a particular date and sharing your record and submission in our social community posts!

    We're still working on a new idea to show off new records, but I really hope you'll all enjoy the new ventures into appreciation of Twin Galaxies community that we're trying to put together. We'll still keep working and evolving our ideas to bring you folks the best. Thanks for your patience and suggestions along the way.

    ~TJ Denzer - EiC Twin Galaxies Editorial

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  2. Tfried4048's Avatar

    I have way more at home. But for now, here is some cool throw back books as well as a popular go to game I was playing, Super Smash Bros.

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  3. Supergwario's Avatar

    Well I reckon I'm famous now. hahaha thanks @Jlemory1

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  4. Jlemory1's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Supergwario

    Well I reckon I'm famous now. hahaha thanks @Jlemory1

    Hahaha. Isn't this what you wanted to be famous for?

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