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08-25-2019 at 04:52 AM
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The second tournament of the exciting 2019 season has just finished.

In the lost archives of MGL1 to MGL7, we played two games that only appeared from that era. From over 11 years ago, these were Zaxxon and Wardner. We also had one game never played before in the MGL, with Joust 2 hitting the arcade floor with a vengeance. Space Invaders celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, so we caught up with this iconic game title a year later. Plus a lot more action was had with the remaining titles.

Congratulations goes out to the 48 competitors that competed in the tournament, who battled on 9 different games in 59 days. This was one of the more difficult lineups in recent MGLs.

9 different gamers had one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from BandontheRun, bigredbird, creech, DaLar, datagod, Derek, Fire_Power, Foot and JES. It’s good to see a variety of different games played, and that 9 different gamers picked the 9 different games that were played.

Evan04, Marco1019, Pat Larocque and Dazzer_ made their MGL debut. They all gamed well on these difficult titles with distinction. There were no tied scores requiring a head to head game count.

With 9 games contested there were 5 different game winners. Jason Vasiloff (5), Daren Oliver (3), Daniel Larsen (2), Robert Macauley (1) and Matt Sales (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for hitting the high score on these games …

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the enemy base from Bosconian, a very challenging shooter from Namco …

Jason Vasiloff

Daren M Oliver

Daniel Larsen

This was an eventful tournament, where most of the gamers experienced close competition. All gamers developed their skills and knowledge to improve their game. 18 gamers finished the tournament within a single digit of another gamer. For example, megaderek finished only 1 point behind Fire_Power and took out 20th place. SMK beat Pessimeister by 1 point to take out 10th place.

Jeff Mikuska finished only 4 points behind Robert Macauley to take out 6th place. Daniel Larsen and Matt Sales gamed for a very close 3rd and 4th place in an exciting finish to the tournament. Daren Oliver played magnificently for 3 game wins and just missed out on winning the tournament by only 2 points. This was the 2nd closest finish in MGL history and it was fantastic gaming.

Congratulations to Jason Vasiloff who won 5 games and played at an extraordinarily high level to win his 3rd MGL title. He hit a new world record on Mr. TNT, a 4th all time record on Swimmer marcade, and a 4th all time record on Space Invaders marcade.

MGLXL is an important milestone in video gaming history. We have now had 1,090 gamers play 390 games over the last 13 years in the MGL. This tournament also celebrated the 40th incarnation and the half way point of the 2019 video gaming season. I have now promoted and managed 20 of the 40 tournaments in MGL history, another interesting half way point. And it’s all for you gamers to enjoy. There is much, much more to follow, in the only true open, and toughest, video gaming championship in the world. MGLXLI starts on 13-Sep-2019.

The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly.


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