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02-11-2020 at 01:40 AM
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The word Records as used underneath each track

This is not some wider discussion on the use of the word Records across the scoreboard as a whole. Specifically underneath each track is a the word Records and a count of ... something. I can't put my finger on what that is supposed to be counting because I have different outcomes depending on the track.

For most tracks it is the number of submissions across the TG generations which are still active on the scoreboard. Seems easy, just like one of the GT3 A-spec tracks - 7 players, 7 scores, Records(7):

... but on others it appears to be a count of all pre-TGSAP + all TGSAP submissions - 7 players, 8 scores, Records(8):

This could be backed up events surrounding Rodrigo's TGSAP achievements - 2 players, 1 scores, Records(2):

... but not by Dragster - 34 scores listed on the track, 1 in progress (33 accepted), 34 players, far more submissions, Records(33):

(Note: I've reported the ACCPECTED typo in the Report Errors thread already.)

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    Hmmm... TGSAP-only track - 3 players, 3 placements, multiple submissions, Records(3):

    = no weird interpretation.

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