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04-23-2021 at 09:49 PM
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Questions about 2 players Submissions, Track Creation and non-existent games

1) What is the process for submitting scores on 2 player tracks? I would like to enter scores on 2 player tracks for Arcade games like Rampage, Twin Eagle, and Aerofighters with my brother in law @Danny93 . Is there a way to do this so that both of our accounts are listed as the names? I tried going to 'Submit Performance' and then acting like I was going to fill out a 2 player track, but never saw anything about crediting the other player

2) In my previous Wall Post I called attention to a non-existent game, 'Battle Slug (link below), on the Scoreboard. What is the best way to remedy this discrepancy? Message or tag admin? Build up my Cred Points and personally challenge each of the three scores listed on the track, one-by-one? What can be done about this?

3) I want to make a track for the PS1 compilation game 'Arcade Party Pak' which features arcade ports of Rampage, Klax, Toobin', 720, Smash TV, and Super Sprint. Ive made a few tracks now, but I dont know how to go about making one of this nature. Would someone please care to explain to me how to go about doing this?

and finally, not really a question but, when I am on someone's profile page and click 'follow', the page refreshes, but the box still says 'follow', not 'following'. Therefore I sometimes click it multiple times and have no idea whether im actually following them or not. Anyone know what gives? or a way around this?

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    1. Best thing you might want to do is ask @TWIN GALAXIES or @Jace Hall on the 2- player submissions. Or multiple player subs. But just to warn you they might be busy creating crypto currency than properly finding a way for to track 2- player or multiple player video game achievements on this site. There might be a forum in here about people setting up 2nd a accounts, like we did a along time ago.

    2. Yea, build your credit up, or convince someone with a enough credit to bring in up in the dispute section of the website.

    3. Best way to save on submission points is to create the game " Arcade Party Pak" as the Game Name. This will allow you to create sub- tracks/ derivate tracks within Arcade Party Pak without spending the submission points again. Once you create a track on Arcade Party Pak, you will be able to create all you wish, 720, Rampage, etc. See my screenshot as a example.

    I hope this helps!

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    Man I wish development time would go towards a good implementation of two player scoring on TG. That would be something the site would use forever. Unlike the tournament system, mobile app and whatever else development time went into that got scrapped.

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    Getting the derivative process to work for wildly different games is about being able to move the rules you want into the variation Description field as in timmel's example (just in case this wasn't obvious from the screenshot). If you really need different rules per track: they'll cost SP each time. If you need to switch from High->Low to Low->High between tracks: that'll cost SP each time... same with switching the scoring type between Integer, Floating Point & Time.

    Begin by sorting all your tracks into Integer/Floating Point/Time and the High-Low combinations: those unique combinations will be an indicator of the least it might cost in SP for tracks. Now work on the rules vs. description: the more that can be succintly put into the Description (not rules), the less total track cost there will be.

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