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  1. The paradox of the niceness of rogerpoco

    11-19-2021 at 09:19 PM
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    who doesnt enjoy "spit gaming". i mean if you hate someone and you beat their score that makes it even more sweet right? man i loooooove beating jerks scores. i mean not a jerk like me, i'm a loveable jerk, i mean like really jerky jerks. But thats just it. thats why @Rogerpoco is the biggest ...

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  2. records weekend

    11-19-2021 at 08:39 PM
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    Hi again! We have prepared another conquest of World Records in arcade games: Return of the Invaders + Rally Bike! Jan Orna from ArcadeHry: museum of arcade machines as the organizer and patron Timeplan:RETURN OF THE INVADERS: all the weekend
    RALLY BIKE: all the weekendLet ...

    11-19-2021 at 05:57 PM
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    Since MGL50 is a very special event, I have created some MGL merchandise to commemorate this amazing milestone. It's taken 16 years to reach 50 tournaments, and all gamers that have ever played in ...

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    11-19-2021 at 04:10 PM

    Hi Gamers,

    It's taken 16 years to get here. With 481 games played by over 1,500 gamers since 2006, welcome to MGL50 - ARCADE FINALS. All gamers worldwide are welcome to play. You can join in at any time.

    Please watch the trailer above for the official tournament launch with important ...

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  5. packed up my vectrex (again)

    11-19-2021 at 03:18 PM
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    happend again, this time worse. not just the score but the system itself broke down. for unofficial brags that cant be proven, i did get 250k on star trek and the record is 150k, i took a photo of the very damaged score. roger youre in trouble if i ever stop being so poor or so lazy and get it fixed.

    but ...
  6. A Little Bit About Myself

    11-19-2021 at 12:39 PM
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    Hello everyone. My name is Jennifer, but on here I go by JennyBlue91. I'm the fiance of TG member LAH16 and joined TG to support not only him but others as well. I'm a gamer myself but am more casual than professional. I've seen quite a few video game world records here and there over the ...
  7. Put 2-5 player video gm tracks to a vote by TG members.1 player or all dies, for final score.

    11-19-2021 at 07:32 AM
    Since Twin Galaxies owner Jace Hall and Admin Staff does not want to get involved or care to resolve with a simple rule for 2 to 5 player video game tracks. here is a good suggestion here below: This is clearly about Twin Galaxies members voting yes or no simple, to resolve the multi 2 to 5 player ...

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  8. Atari’s New Collectible Game Cartridges off to a Rocky Start

    11-19-2021 at 02:24 AM
    Atari is making game cartridges again, but it's a little foggy on some of the details

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  9. 1cc #40 - Marvel Super Heroes

    11-19-2021 at 12:17 AM
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    This is a 1 credit clear of the arcade game, Double Dragon, created by Technös in 1987.

    Great fighting before capcom figured out how to do the versus thing properly, so this game actually fights more like a Street Fighter game compared to later Marvel vs games.
    Tells the story of the ...
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