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  1. Backwards Compatibility?

    11-05-2021 at 08:43 PM
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    Hello all. I have looked everywhere on Twin Galaxies for an answer to this question but I can't find it. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right place. But I have a question - is backwards compatibility allowed? For example, I just submitted a video of a PS1 game that was played on a PS2. Is ...
  2. Attention Hardcore Sony Playstation Players

    11-05-2021 at 04:05 PM
    An outside agency is looking for players who heavily play titles within the Sony Playstation franchise and who are interested in participating in a brainstorming session involving the platform itself.

    If interested, please send a private message to Twin Galaxies with the specific name ...
  3. My take on cleean sweep vectrex

    11-05-2021 at 09:32 AM
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    very easy game, BUT i like in theory some of the changes, not thrilled with exactly how they played out, but still like the idea and not an awful game

    first try is the 1 hour game i submitted. learned as i went (not much to learn). that easy. there's only TWO things giving it any complexity ...
  4. 1cc #38 - Street Fighter IV

    11-05-2021 at 08:39 AM
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    This is a 1 credit clear of Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360, made by Capcom. It was released in arcades in 2008 and then on home consoles in 2009.

    I remember the hype around this game leading up to the launch. Stories of people talking about leveling up on the game as some arcades imported the ...

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  5. Water cooler talk

    11-05-2021 at 06:54 AM
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    When I used to work in an office with a younger crowd, they kept a water cooler in the kitchen area. People would go get water or coffee, and hang around for a bit and chat. "Hey, did you see Seinfeld last night?" "Did you see the latest Dilbert cartoon?" "Do you prefer ...
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