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  1. TG's 40th - From the Archives - George Costanza's Frogger Score

    Yesterday at 10:19 PM
    As part of a 40 year retrospective of Twin Galaxies, I'll be sharing new content uploaded to the Twin Galaxies Documentary Archive. Today's selection pitted gamers against the television series Seinfeld.$1000 Cash Prize - George Costanza's Frogger Score, 2005In 2005, Robert Mruczek established ...

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  2. Incredible Pole Position Score!!

    Yesterday at 06:35 PM
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    One of the channels I subscribed to a little while ago has just posted this videoIt shows an amazing score of 63,000 pts on this game.

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  3. Regarding Twin Galaxies & Guinness World Records Certificates & Applications

    Yesterday at 05:48 PM
    Hello people! I'm kind of confused right now because I don't know how and even if it is possible to get a GWR certificate with Twin Galaxies-verified speedruns in --GWR categories.
    Am I supposed to apply and directly send footage to GWR or they are still relying on TG? For example my performance ...
  4. Bo Jackson Hit and Run Question

    Yesterday at 01:54 PM
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    I've been practicing the football portion of Bo Jackson Hit and Run for Gameboy and have a question for the community. The track rules are essentially non-existent. that's written is: "Record is determined ...
  5. New DK WR!

    Yesterday at 04:43 AM
    Congrats to John Mccurdy for reclaiming his Donkey Kong crown with a score of 1.272 million!
  6. Episode 50 of Retro With Marco airs TOMORROW NIGHT at 9pm ET!

    01-18-2021 at 05:07 PM
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    Tomorrow marks a personal milestone as Episode 50 of Retro With Marco will stream TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM ET! Tune in on Twitch where you will see
    - Scoring and speedrun shoutouts
    - Quick updates on the Galaga League and the El Crapolo tournament
    - A closer look at three new WRs: Donkey Kong ...
  7. Twin Galaxies stream needs a human!

    01-17-2021 at 06:16 PM
    I like the new feature of Twin Galaxies, streaming the recently accepted submissions, but just letting it run automatically is NOT a good idea.Most players only record one run at a time, and those make for an interesting watch on the stream, but some record multiple scores in the same video and the ...
  8. Odd revelation...

    01-17-2021 at 12:58 PM
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    Well, this is kinda strange, haven't went all weird in a while, but mebbe due.So I was PM'ing a couple new Buds elsewhere, pointed out that I am much better/more inclined to the timed games, as opposed to the points games.It occurred to me, I guess-typically, points games are based on "the ...
  9. Im back after months of trying to get in

    01-17-2021 at 10:28 AM
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    So idk what happened, but I finally got back into my account after months of trying. For some reason when I do forgot password TG sent over a email with a white background and white text, so I had to highlight the message with the cursor. After months of trying, I finally got it!!
  10. I'm Back

    01-16-2021 at 09:16 AM
    Yes people, I'm back with an announcement. As soon as I get the videos uploaded to Youtube. I'll be playing video games again. However, many of the speedruns will be re-submitted if I don't beat my scores and all of my speedruns for now on will contain a clock as seen on one of my Youtube ...
  11. Arcade Rules for ????

    01-15-2021 at 03:24 PM
    Arcade Rules3 Chapter's 15 missions 5 missions for each chapter for fastest completion,highest score, highest shooting percentage, longest enemy hit streak1. Solo & game settings are not required to be seen.2.The player must show enough of the arcade game cabinet to confirm that the correct ...

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  12. Victor Ali Missile Command Dispute - Revert to Earlier Score?

    01-15-2021 at 02:14 PM
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    I didn't originally follow the dispute around Victor Ali's Missile Command (Marathon) score of 80,364,995 points when it was disputed in 2018, but I recently started reviewing the community discussion and TG's decision to remove the score based on the available evidence. ...

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  13. Wall Entry at 01-15-2021 12:18 AM

    01-14-2021 at 03:20 PM
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    Watch and vote
    Thank you
  14. Apollo Legend is gone... for good. (Warning: Suicide)

    01-13-2021 at 04:46 PM
    This is not an easy subject to talk about. While my interest in him faded over recent months, I'm never one to wish ill towards someone I hardly knew. Settling the lawsuit, quitting YouTube... those should all be enough for those supporting BM. This now... I sure as hell hope nobody has to try not ...

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  15. Submission Interests of the Month

    01-13-2021 at 01:09 PM
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    Hey everyone.I've been grinding on lots of MAME with not a ton of progress except getting some scores entered for tourneys that are on right now (El Crapolo, Galaga Group monthly challenges, MGL) so I'm thinking about some console runs I can make as a "break" from the CAG grind. Here's ...
  16. FINALLY!! Well over 3000 attempts!

    01-13-2021 at 10:51 AM
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    Uniracers: East fastest race 57.86. Beating 57.87 took over 30 hours and probably well over 3000 tries. My O face
  17. Twin Galaxies Live showing accepted subs.

    01-13-2021 at 07:41 AM (Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.)
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    I just noticed Twin Galaxies Live has started showing recently accepted submissions. Very nice. :D
  18. Wall Entry at 01-12-2021 12:04 PM

    01-12-2021 at 12:05 PM
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  19. Of the year awards.

    01-12-2021 at 06:08 AM
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    I apologize for being late. I have been out of commission the last couple of weeks as Covid hit my house. I am back in operation now and will be getting these counted and released either today or tomorrow. I only had my phone to work with at home and I am not as good working with it. Now I am ...
  20. How do you enter a correct M.A.M.E version number?

    01-11-2021 at 11:02 PM
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    The submission form doesn't seem to like my number? It's Wolfmame 0.226
  21. Wall Entry at 01-12-2021 06:18 AM

    01-11-2021 at 10:19 PM
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    Am I the only one who is having trouble using the search bar? I use the search bar to look for games and it just loads forever. It isn't any particular game, it is all games.
  22. Atari ghostbusters

    01-11-2021 at 09:39 PM
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    ok been playing atari ghostbusters could use some help. This game absolutley requires reading the instructions, but even after the instructions two main issues

    1. trapping the damn ghosts
    2. what makes the marshmallow man appear?3ghosts leaving

    marshmellow man is an easy 2k points if ...
  23. In the TG Doghouse?

    01-11-2021 at 02:01 PM
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    Preface: It really isn't *that* big of a deal, BUUUUUT....I no longer have the ability to add attachments to comments, specifically and exclusively within submission comments. (I can, for example, add an attachment here if I so pleased). Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I was wondering if I just unknownimgly ...

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  24. Wall Entry at 01-11-2021 10:13 PM

    01-11-2021 at 01:16 PM
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    R-Type target 878 600 points...first place on Twin Galaxies.
  25. R.I.P. Jonas Neubauer

    01-11-2021 at 01:11 AM
    Seven-time Tetris World Champion and Twin Galaxies member Jonas Neubauer passed away last tuesday. Two years ago a viral YouTube video named "Boom! Tetris for Jeff" got me very interested in the Tetris World Championship and I've been watching every competition since then.Jonas was one ...

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