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06-14-2017 at 07:24 PM
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RIP, Keith Robinson

I've just found out that the founder and president of Intellivision Productions, Keith Robinson, has passed away of heart and kidney failure. He was one of the original Blue Sky Rangers (Mattel intellivision programmers), and in the 90s along with Steve Roney formed IP purchased the Intellivision 'IP' and begun the archive of historical intellivision knowledge , and begun releasing products such as Intellivision Lives, Intellivision Rocks (emulator packages for PC and consoles), and helped with many other items up through the Intellivision Flashback and the upcoming Intellivision Flashback 2. He was a great caretaker of the legacy and always a fun and interesting person to talk with. He'll be missed.
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    I only saw/became aware of him for the first time a few weeks ago, as I was getting into the Int then, youtube videos, digging into INT history.
    This makes me especially sad, he really seemed to enjoy life a lot, and loved the classic gaming community to no end.
    He's why I have a flashback and can play INT games.
    Thx for the heads up, Ryan, and RIP Ranger #1, you will be missed.
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