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12-16-2017 at 04:09 AM
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The Secret Voters' Club

For some reason, this TG member thinks I am an appropriate target for the following taunt:-

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It is a mystery to me why he would think thus. Not only has my CR never fallen by as much as 10,000, it has never been even as high as 30,000, far less 35,000.

The only members I can think of, whose CR dips might match this description, are A Mee and J Mikuska. Both their CRs were once well above 35,000, and are now below 30,000.

Could it be that this want to be pisstaker has mistaken me for either Mee or Mikuska? I know both those names start with the sound, 'me', but come on.

In my other wall post, I warned that, "When it comes to throwing a barb at someone, your aim must be spot on, otherwise you risk looking like a complete & utter moron."

Lesson now learnt, I trust.

This unfortunate incident has reawakened a most traumatic memory, which I had thought buried in my TG past for good. It was that terrible occasion on which I was called out for being a "blind voter", a shame I had hoped to keep hidden. I now recall those damning words:-

Quote Originally Posted by ssdninja View Post
Now we all make mistakes from time to time, but it's pretty clear to a lot of folks you don't put any effort into watching submissions. In fact, you were so noted to obviously fake your watching of submissions that those "secret vote club" guys organized in part to teach you a lesson about being generally **** at adjudication.
Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
Whats refrenced above is true. Dread became so hated a group came together with the sole intent of screwing with him. They intended their operations to be secret, eventually got found out. Everyone now knows of their prior existence (and is ok with it, cause well, we understand coming together to stick it to dread), except dread who is too stupid to even realize how hated he is.
This hurt me deeply, to find out that I was such a figure despised and reviled. The emotional scars it has left shall ever be with me.

Further, imagine my stark horror, confronted with the revelation that a secret society had been convened, harbouring the implacable intent to destroy the one thing which distinguished me amongst the mob: my TG credibility.

At that time, my TGCR was rising at an alarming rate, such that a great many TG members were seized by a vicious credibility envy. I could not comprehend why they did not vote 'yes' on every submission, without bothering to look at the evidence, as I was doing. That way, their CRs would surely rise as quickly as mine, and there would be no need for such bitter acrimony. Foolish, I know. To my eternal regret, I had not yet learned of such things as honour and respect.

Would that I could have those early days anew, I should fain do things differently. Alas! all I can do is plead with all ye gentle readers not to duplicate my errors. Learn from my mistakes, I prithee! Do not end as I have ended, with forebodings of dire consequences heaped upon my chest:-

Quote Originally Posted by datagod View Post
The system is not static. It is living and breathing. It will catch up to the blind voters.
Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
mass accepters like dread here will finally get punished for not watching what they vote on
Quote Originally Posted by datagod View Post
I don't believe anyone wants to stop you from blindly voting and having a credibility crash that would make the great depression look mild by comparison.
Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
to the secret vote club: thank you for your services. It appears jace will now finish what you started and dreads cred will be eliminated due to all his blind voting.
Wise words, indeed, but they weigh heavily upon me. I feel that I am not long for this world. And although I do not beg sympathy for my fate, still I am appalled at the level of animosity displayed by my antagonists.

Quote Originally Posted by datagod View Post
you come across as so panicked with the pending credibility tsunami.

This is delicious.
Why derive such gratification from my impending doom? What had I done to deserve such rank antipathy? Unto this day, I know not. Thus tragically shall I be unlikely to escape a most ignominious downfall.
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