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  1. MGLXLII - Mystery Prize

    Today at 12:25 AM
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    This Sunday, on Jan 26th, the 22nd Mystery Prize draw will be held and one gamer who played all 9 games in this MGL will win all of the prizes.

    The winner will be drawn after the close of MGLXLII. I have provided another 8 prizes: prize numbers 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124 and 125. Now that's ...
  2. coleco recommendations

    Yesterday at 09:19 PM
    i'm enjoying cabbage patch kids (the record holder was inches away from being good enough to marathon, to beat her i'll need to be able to get the extra inch which automatically comes from marathon ablity, so if my coleco holds up who knows what will happen there ;)), enjoyed smurfs, i would ...
  3. Notifications Broken?

    Yesterday at 03:35 PM
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    @JasonV91 was kind enough to do a MAME inp analysis for my submission earlier today, but as you can see I was not notified there was a response to my submission thread.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? This could be pretty bad, for ...
  4. Nomination Forms are live

    Yesterday at 09:41 AM
  5. intellivision fix continued

    01-20-2020 at 01:51 PM
    continuing from this thread which was meant to focus on astrosmash but really for consistency necessitates a larger discussion on intellivision fixes needed to rules. long story ...
  6. Does Anyone Have Knowledge of "U.F.O." for the O2 ?

    01-19-2020 at 07:37 PM
    This is one of the tougher titles for the O2. I am reasonably certain that scores in the 2-3K range are do-able with a lot of luck, but the top two scores on the TG database, both from the early 1980's, are out of this world impossible or at least highly unlikely.

    This is a single-life challenge ...
  7. Heya! Im alive!

    01-19-2020 at 06:49 PM
    Life has been so busy, and i have had so many electrical projects ive been working on, i kinda put gaming on the back burner. But its 2020 so I need to catch up! Hope you all are doing friggin awesome.Just put up a pac attack submission if ya wanna check that out! HAPPY 2020
  8. Submission accepted...and I lost 200 points?

    01-19-2020 at 09:17 AM
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    My latest submission for C64 EMU Ms. Pac-Man was accepted last night at around 11pm PST. (Thanks to all who voted.) However, I noticed that my Credibility Points dropped to 3942. IIRC, it was just over 4100. While I have voted incorrectly eight (8) times, I haven't done so since 2018.
    @SincerelyFranny ...
  9. NOTICE: you are currently flagged as idle

    01-18-2020 at 11:17 PM
    Anyone else getting this message......................

    I'm getting this on 2 different PC's with two different providers. When I "click here" to "un-flag" the message still comes back?
  10. Wall Entry at 01-19-2020 07:09 AM

    01-18-2020 at 11:11 PM
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    Dear Twin Galaxies. Did you forget I submitted my 3.583 million Donkey Kong score again? How did that slip past you? It was approved. What garbage is this? I did that just so I'd still have the record. This is a joke.
  11. Wall Entry at 01-19-2020 07:09 AM

    01-18-2020 at 11:11 PM
    Dear Twin Galaxies. Did you forget I submitted my 3.583 million Donkey Kong score again? How did that slip past you? It was approved. What garbage is this? I did that just so I'd still have the record. This is a joke.
  12. Wall Entry at 01-19-2020 12:50 AM

    01-18-2020 at 07:41 PM
    the input file desynced
  13. It's That Time of Year Again

    01-18-2020 at 02:28 PM
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    Time to vote for another year of "inductees" into the IVGHOF by no later than Feb 29th.

    Last year I couldn't vote in Rudy when they abruptly invented the "morals clause"...but THIS year that clause seems to be missing so I think I'll vote him in once more - ...
  14. Dig Dug - Round 12-31 All Fruit Patterns

    01-18-2020 at 01:24 PM
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    After a few weeks of hard work I finally have settled on some updated patterns for my early round Dig Dug game. Averaging about 557-559k at the end of round 31 without major dirt gobbling other than rounds 1-3.

    Happy Gaming!
  15. The Major Havoc Hand Trick WR Scores Are No More

    01-18-2020 at 01:21 PM
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    Thank you TG and everyone who voted + Extra Thanks to John McAllister for starting these disputes!

  16. 8 bit music

    01-17-2020 at 08:59 PM
    8 Bit Weapon just released another album consisting of beautiful music generated by a C64 synthesizer. It is really beautiful!
  17. Astrosmash scores MUST be removed and moved

    01-17-2020 at 06:24 PM
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    I've been checking out Intellivision Astrosmash:Here's the leader-board:1. 4,201,8752. 797,0353. 653,4054. 569,8355. 566,3806. GLEN SAMPSON: 417,9457. to 10. Four Others: Between 11,000 and 307,000.If the scores above Glen were achieved at all , they were NOT done on Disc level starting speed. ...
  18. the rosArcade is complete

    01-17-2020 at 05:07 PM
  19. Humble Australian Fire Relief Bundle

    01-17-2020 at 02:01 AM (Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.)
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    Need an excuse to give to charity? Get something in return while 100% of proceeds head to charity:
  20. Saw this on Reddit today

    01-16-2020 at 08:45 PM
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  21. Macro photography: AMD Ryzen 12 core

    01-16-2020 at 08:10 PM
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    This is the back of my AMD Ryzen Threadripper 12 core / 24 thread CPU. This thing is heavy!
  22. Macro photography

    01-16-2020 at 07:51 PM
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    Two happy little capacitors (I think!). I love macro photography and will bet getting into it a lot more.
  23. When it comes to spending money what is your greatest weakness other than video games?

    01-16-2020 at 06:44 PM
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    Here's a good question. When it comes to spending money, what is your greatest weakness other than video games?Here's mine:Art suppliesIndex Cards for Trivia NightGoing to to EatGroceries

    Updated 01-16-2020 at 11:40 PM by trivia212005

  24. More dumb Atari questions

    01-16-2020 at 04:43 PM
    Game store has a telegames atari and joysticks that look like they came off a regular 2600 . Will those work on a telegames? I'm assuming they will...if a genesis controller will work, then why wouldn't they? But why just assume, when there's a whole community here you can ask? It just ...
  25. Negative ESI

    01-16-2020 at 10:25 AM
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    I thought maybe this had been fixed. Guess not.
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