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03-19-2021 at 07:11 AM
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Quick question, in the rules of some games when the record is for a solo, duo or trio, what does players mean exactly?

The reason why I am asking this is because I was wondering if this stops me from playing solo? In the sense that I just play with a bot in a 2vs2 or I play with a split screen, 2 controllers but myself playing both controllers. Does the word "player" mean I need another human playing on the other controller or does this mean that the presence of a second controller alone = 1 player?

Would appreciate some replies to this as if the case is me being able to just solo a 2 player record then ill have no issue topping all but 1 in my section.

The records I am talking about are the Rocket league game, most goals in a 2vs2 hoops against bots and the 3vs3 records, I am looking to complete these solo with 3 controllers active. (id assume bots on my team wouldn't count as they're classed as bots and not players).

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    I dunno-

    Personally, I've toed the line on "rules" a few times myself, but I dunno.

    I'm not a big fan of "spirit of the game", or even "rules", if the programmer screw up, it's not my fault if I take advantage of it.

    But I really do think a submission on a 2P track should honestly have two players involved in the score.

    Now-I'm not exactly a "purist" on that-if one player sucks, and the other is great, and can "carry the score" themself, then so be it, that's perfectly fine, IMO, but ya, I really do thnk you want someone else at least touching a joystick for a bit!

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    Its annoying when someone answer a Yes or No question with "it depends" but......

    First, good for you for asking before submitting. In general you would expect a two or more player game to require unique players. However, for a game like Rock-band a 2 player can be interpreted as a two instrument game mode. If the same player sings and plays the guitar as a 'one-person band', that may qualify as a 'multiplayer' cooperative game.

    Follow the link for debate on the multiplayer game mode vs unique players. -

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    Yeah, this is a tricky one. I've know some people want a 2p game to be "2 humans, game ends when either player loses all lives" and some people are okay with a "selecting a two player game, letting non player 2 die, and continuing the game as 1P" being the argument that the game is usually harder and there is only 1 player competing.

    I think the general consensus is latter. 2 humans, game ends when either player loses all lives. The Rock Band scenario mention above is a good one. If someone can do both, why can't they? That's how most bands in the real world are done.

    Personally, I'm all for one legendary player carrying a novice player. If that's who they want to play games with, they should be allowed to do that. If that legendary player plays 23 hours after player 2 dies, it's still a 2 player game and should count. I'm in the wrong on that opinion I've noticed.

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