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06-12-2020 at 10:40 AM
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Tetris Records

Out of curiosity, was there anyone who had the most Tetris World records, and if so, how many did they have at the time?

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    "UMC" held WR's in Tetris Kiwamemichi in the categories :
    Target - 40 Stages
    Chain Color - 10,477,686
    Tetris (Score?) - 10,395,131

    "KORYAN" held WR's in Tetris Kiwamemichi in the categories :
    Tetris (Level?) - Lv. 1063
    Line Break - 10,368,435
    Level Star - 9,868,470
    Also, there is an entry under TGM3's Shirase mode for "KOR" ; 5'51"13

    "CAA" held WR's in TGM+ & TGM2+
    TGM+ Master - 7'18"25
    TGM+ TGM+ - 9'14"70
    TGM2+ Master - 7'15"08

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    Blimey. I've always wanted to get a full-running copy of the TGM games, myself.

    From what I've seen in the Walter Day Card Collection, one player, Don, managed to get 20+ world recs on Tetris games in Twin Galaxies. Was there an increase after that?

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