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08-30-2018 at 08:17 AM
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Keep Trying, Chris

@YesAffinity Just some friendly competition with some trash talk. your 8.1 ain't gonna cut it. This fat old man did that over 20 years ago. And I beat you face to face with E.Honda a few months ago. The ball's in you court. Go!

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  1. YesAffinity's Avatar

    I don't see it submitted....I don't see it accepted and on the leaderboard...

    And you're right I didn't do it over 20 years ago. I did it less than a week ago, in less than an hour of trying.

    Oh, and don't forget the perfect. ;)

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  2. Fly's Avatar

    LOL, yes....the perfect. I knew you'd go there. I'm just glad it was only one. I thought all rounds might go that way.

    Sadly, I won't be submitting. 1998 standards of recording won't hold up today.

    But after watching this I saw where I(or you, most likely)might cut that half a second out to get the developers best time. I think that 2nd hurricane was with roundhouse. Short or strong would get the the end move sooner.

    I'm too out if practice though.


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  3. YesAffinity's Avatar

    It's the only card I could play, because after all you did win. :)

    Good advice, though.

    There's a handful of videos on youtube of better than staff time. Some are TAS, but there's at least one or two that don't appear to be tool assist and/or are perfectly reasonable with non-TAS.

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