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02-26-2017 at 03:17 AM
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My Moto GP 2 submissions

Just a note on these submissions. I am using a default rider/bike, not any that I have unlocked (which btw I haven't unlocked any of them yet). I have to use my save game to access the unlocked tracks to play them and that's the only reason. There are no rules to this track so where possible I am using the no rules=defaults policy for these submissions.
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    See, this is what I've come to really appreciate and respect about you John. You're an experienced member from prior administrations of Twin Galaxies up to the current. You abide by some strong means of integrity and presentation in your activities on here, be they your own submissions, adjudication, or other aspects of the site. I really do wish others would follow your example, especially those who registered on here when Jace took over. Thanks for adding to the values that seem to be missing on here! I recently referenced one of your posts on here in the first of the following submissions threads. There's so much that needs to be addressed across the board of various tracks in the database: and

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    Thanks very much Duc, I appreciate your thoughts.

    It's unfortunate that what the referees understood when they did the adjudicating was not translated into all of the rules. Their knowledge and expertise on the games was lost and now there are lots of incomplete rules that can be taken advantage of. On one hand though the gamers are going by the rules - none - so it's hard to put up any kind of argument until the empty/no rules get replaced with defaults or whatever, if it can even be done in an automated way. When all the scores are by a referee who's to say that it's really not a default setting unless the actual ref or participating gamer can make a comment on the matter. I'm really trying for a fair and level playing field so fair competition can be achieved.
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