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09-01-2019 at 12:38 PM
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I noticed over the time I've been here that people plug in their 'controller of choice' when they play on console or MAME. The Atari provided many options for the controller and third party controllers for Atari to make Atari gaming more comfortable for each player's personal preference.

I know the Sega remote plays on the Atari and that it's a popular choice.

One player asked on the TG forum last year if his third party controller was acceptable on the Intellivision - I offered my oipinion and told him "I'm fine with it". My view is - so long as the player still has to press a button to make something happen on the game, and has to move his man with his hand/finger or thumb I'm ok with it.

I've never been comfortable with the Atari controller so following the "player's choice" rule on Twin Galaxies, before I played any game on Atari, I customized a controller ... just so I can be a "hair" more comfortable playing Atari games. I attach a pic of my custom controller.

With full transparency in mind - I'm looking for the "ok" from our community before I try any more Atari games :)

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    I don’t see an issue. i mean there might be specific game and corner case where it matters but in general I don’t see a problem

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    There's always going to be an exception somewhere (Vectrex is an obvious one) but in general that's fine. The main abuse a custom controller could bring is if the inputs are not matched 1:1 from the player into the game (automation types like auto fire).

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